To twitter or not to twitter OK How do you Twitter?


OK This is a little bit annoying but kinda of funny. Especially since I’m trying to figure out what twittering and tweeting are and how do I Twitter. I can hear a voice in the back of my head. But Mom everyone is doing it. I don’t know how to twitter, I thought you twittered on a phone can you twitter on a computer and do you really want to know when I eat cereal and how much coffee I drink and that I do laundry every damn day. It could be boring I’ll warn you now. But then again when your eating cereal and how much coffee you drink hmmmm? OK How do you twitter.


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  1. The video was funny!

    I am a Twitter virgin myself! I do have a facebook account. I figure between my blog, my facebook and my e-mail I have more than enough to keep me busy! 🙂

  2. Just go to It will tell you what to do. You can either do it on your phone, as in a text or you can do it on your computer. It’s super easy and YES, we want to know when you brush your teeth. You can leave out your bathroom comments (Gary!!) if you want to. I don’t include mine!! But it’s fun. We also have a lot of fun on Facebook. Mostly at night while watching TV and stuff. We talk back and forth. Just check it out. It’s fun, easy and free. Once there just add me and Gary to follow us and then we’ll follow you. Luisa has it too.

  3. Thank You Joy that was just the information I was looking for. Gary can be king of the bathroom comments. And other sillyness. I will look into it by the way I just brushed my teeth and flossed. I feel good!

  4. I kind of have Twitter… I can never be bothered to actually go on the blasted site though. So I guess I’m pretty bad at twittering.
    That video, so annoying, so funny xD

  5. I am on twitter and am “annebellago” if you get set up and want to add me (that goes for you too Joy and anyone else that is interested). I kinda like it, and kinda don’t… I use to twitter all the time and now… not so much…. give it a try. I’m do not understand what the fuss is all about myself. I really could care less what Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are doing – in fact, it kinda nauseates me…

  6. I’ve got twitter.. I am _ell_ in case you want to follow me and I can follow you. However I don’t get over there much cuz I’m on overload now. I tend to stick to blogs. They keep me busy 🙂

  7. Thank You Twitters for all the information. I will go to the link Joy gave and see if I can figure it out. I understand the time thing is there time to twitter? Could be we will see.

  8. I just downloaded tweetdeck so you can twitter and it goes on Facebook too. I did it because I was bored. I don’t have too many interesting things to twitter. Sometimes I’ll tell you what I cooked for supper. That’s about how exciting my twittering is.

  9. Joan I noticed that a lot of people talk about what they are cooking. That could make me really hungry, it doesn’t take much to do that. Hmm What’s for dinner Joan?

  10. Starla, if you go to either of my blogs and go to where my Twitter updates are…it will take you to register! I was not going to do it, but I was talked into it. It is interesting. You can follow being by clicking them and adding them. You can also send direct personal messages. Try it!

  11. Yeah, I’m on Twitter, too, although I’ve only been on it for about a month so I’m still relatively new with all of it. It’s pretty easy to figure out but, evenso, I still don’t use all of the options it has available. One of these days I imagine I’ll use them but, for now, I’m a-okay with just…tweeting and following.

    Oh, and as for the video…I actually thought it was a hoot so I laughed and laughed and laughed, lol.

  12. Misstified Tweet! LOL Glad you liked the video. Seeing the video actually some how made me want to tweet and twitter. Ive been on twitter one day. I was just walking around the house saying Tweet in the high voice my husband was laughing. Pretty silly.

  13. Heyyy, Tweet right back at’cha. 😉

    Yeah, I thought the video was hilarious, most especially with the girls voice sounding almost…Alvin and The Chipmunk-like, lol.

    I haven’t been on Twitter yet today but I plan on getting over there in just a few minutes from now. I’m actually laughing over what JavaQueen said in her comment above (regarding Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore) because, of all things, I have Ashton Kutcher on my Twitter list, lol. Even funnier, I don’t care for the darned guy (or what he’s doing) in the least, I only added him to my list as kind of a Twitter…”practice run”. When I first started with Twitter, I had no clue who to follow because I didn’t know who was even using it or how to follow anyone so, being that I heard Ashton Kutcher’s username mentioned on Oprah one day, I decided to do a little “trial run” by seeing if I could follow him and, well, it worked, lol. I guess it would be safe for me to stop following him now, though, as I do think I have enough practice in at this time, ha ha.

    Hmmm, funny, but now I can’t help but picture you walking around your house Tweet, Tweet, Tweeting all over the place for your husband, lol.

  14. I just started having Dennis tweet as either foreshadowing or minor filler jokes that wouldn’t fit into a regular post. I also defensively reserved a Twitter account for myself, too, just in case. 😉

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