Free Chat Thursday


So how is your week going? Exhilarating ?Boring? Depressing? Overwhelming? Oh that’s my week. My spell check just red lined 4our of 5 of those words. I did get boring right, how boring is that? Anyway I was suppose to get a crown on a tooth today, the dentist said something about how about paying me what you owe me first in a polite way. Pay half and you can reschedule. I am actually thrilled not to go. What I can’t go! Huge sigh… of relief, small thought of disappointment, the relief at this point out weighs the disappointment. I went on Twitter last night. I viewed a lot of stranger’s tweets and frankly it tired me out a bit. Maybe because it was at the end of the day. One thought I am much too chatty for a line here and a line there. But I’ll keep trying it out after this post I’ll tweet I’m drinking coffee, like I’m in a race at the fair. As I tweet I realize how dull my life is. I will be pondering the Economy later in the day, as I need to make some heady finical decisions for the future. So….

How is your week? Whats on your mind?


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  1. I’m a very chatty person also so it was hard for me at first to just speak a few words at a time. I look at it like a challenge of some kind. I do talk to much so I think it’s a good way of helping me to shut my mouth when a few words will do.

    I’m off today to the eye doc to get another pair of glasses. Every pair in the place is 50% off so I can’t not do it.

  2. My week’s confusing. (see today’s post) My day is good so far. All I’ve done is laundry and blog writing/reading. I wrote 4 posts keeping 2 in reserve for the next two days. One is lovely for Mothers’ Day and the other is a tirade about proofreading and misuse of language. It’s gloomy and raining outside today but I don’t care because all the work I really need to do is inside. On that note however, I have a lot to do in the house. Having Mum and family here Sunday for Mothers’ Day and my house is tragic. Must get busy soon. That bit is a little depressing. Will likely exercise later by walking on basement treadmill.

  3. I spent most of the week recovering from my throat issues and I’ve been pretty tired. Turns out I am allergic to penicillin so I am taking benadryl for that.

    However, I am remaining optimistic, tomorrow is Friday afterall!

  4. Trying to dodge each other in my house….. that is turned inside out with the new floors being put in!!!
    I have been trying to concentrate on some “personal matters,” which are always exciting! I laugh, as often as possible…or else…there would be dead people in my house to remove!!! 🙂

  5. this economy has put some of our more “understanding” doctors/chiros/vets etc into a state of “we need money upfront”! 😦 This is going to be a HUGE problem for us. So yeah my husband has a prescription for new glasses sitting at the vision place because we can’t afford a $300 lense replacement. We’ve never been able to afford to have either of our kids eyes tested and I’m sure both of them probably needed /need glasses. We homeschooled and so it wasn’t a mandatory thing like the “free” eye exam you get in public school.

    I’m going to have old doctor bills being thrown in my face everytime I open the mailbox. But I can only do what I can do and keep a roof over our head and food on the table..and that’s just ordinary food not anything fancy. Pretty much all sucks!

  6. My week actually has been pretty depressing so far. Our 21 year old daughter who still lives at home is pushing the envelope just a tad bit too far and may find that things don’t have to be as comfy as they are here. Since she has a full time job (not enough to live on…but decent money) she feels all she needs to do here is eat and sleep and hunker down in her bedroom waiting till chatting time with her boyfriend. (which is a whole nother story in itself which tires me to talk about)….

    we had a funeral today husbands uncle. That was pretty much sad. And yeah still wondering how we are going to get by without me having a job. I won’t be back to work at the tax office until December again and that’s a long honking ways away.

  7. My week has felt busy and I’m tired. When someone asks how I am, my first reaction is “good. Oh, and tired too” . I don’t think there is anything boring about you!

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