Making Youtube slideshows


To make the lil buddy slideshows:
shoot pix and load into one folder on the computer,
then make a sub folder with the best of pix,
then open Windows Movie Maker,
import pictures from that sub folder,
click auto movie,
add credits,
move pix around until happy,
upload to youtube,
then music is added as follows:
on starlaschat youtube channel under myvideos, click the audio swap button.
Preview different types of music.
That gives you many many choices of music and then you do not have to worry about copyright issues.
posted by navar


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  1. Wow, thanks for posting these instructions, they don’t sound all that complicated so I think I might just give making a video a whirl. Those video’s you make are so darned cool I can’t help but want to learn to how to make one of my own. Somehow, I doubt mine will come out any where near as great as yours but, oh well, I’ll give it a go all the same.

    Again, thanks for sharing. 😉

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing new slide shows! It really is fun putting them together. One thing I was thinking about this morning was. When your making a slide show. To relax and not worry, just have fun with it. When your having fun that’s when the slide show comes out well. And not to worry to much about having a story just start with a few pictures and a couple of idea’s for a direction. As you take pictures the story seems to create itself. Maybe like when people write books Ive heard people say they don’t know what comes next. So that’s my 2 cents on slide shows. So have Fun;+)

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