Painting the Shed.

Local out door concert.

Local out door concert.

youngest member so cute.

youngest member so cute.

Wonderful music.

Wonderful music.

Young and Old Gather to Play and Listen.

Young and Old Gather to Play and Listen.

Pie table.

Pie table.

The complete and utter Joy of Spring, is intensified after days of gray sky’s and rain. Today the clouds parted and the sun shone with all its Spring might, only to make my heart sing. We decided to paint the shed today, which is one of those many Spring tasks. We went to the small local hardware store to pick up brown cheep shed paint. The sales clerk kept correcting me affordable paint not cheep, fine. So we put the affordable paint and affordable brushes in the car, driving home to start our Spring task. On the way home I spot a sign something about a Cherry Festive, food, music, crafts, and fun. I squeal and point at the sign. Navar says” why not, let’s go check it out.” Both of us are dressed in overalls ready for work. On our way feeling like we were playing hookie, we drove down by the Lake to Find the Cherry Festival. Arriving and starting off in the downstairs basement, lunch and pie table. Any event with a pie table has my attention and appreciation. I chose cherry, it seemed only fitting. Navar had banana cream pie. After a nice little unexpected lunch pie and coffee, we saunter over to the metal chairs set up in the parking lot. Sitting down to listen to the local collection of musicians. One of those perfect blue sky Spring days, warm sun, gentle cool breezes. Completely in Aw of the musical talent and enjoying feeling the sun on my back, we enjoy song after song. A feeling of peace that only an unexpected moment can bring. And yes, we actually did go home and paint the shed. With a smile, as I was remembering the first part of the day.


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  1. One of the things I love the most about this story is that is was not a planned event, but a fun surprise! I love those! It gets you all geared up to conquer the rest of the day…which you did! Does the shed look good? :)t

  2. We went garage sailing today, never even had to leave Many Lakes. I found a couple hummingbird feeders and an electric shaver for $1, and Leafy got some cute little glasses, a glass salad dressing cruet, and a glass juicer.

    But, oh! To miss out on pie and old time fiddlers…what a tradgedy.

    Still, it was a lovely day.

  3. This sounds like an amazing morning and a very pleasant surprise! You described it so well I felt as if I were right there with you munching on a piece of pie, with the sun on my face, and listening to the music! So glad you got out and did this – Oh, sounds wonderful! Good for you two!

  4. There’s nothing I love more than a small town festival. Banana cream is my favorite. Glad you got the shed done. Will you be posting pics?? Have a great day.

  5. Glad I could share our day with you guys. That’s one of the nice things about blogging we can share our lives in all their Seasons.;+).

    Hey Tecwiz, Garage Sales are so much fun, boy this is the time for that, so many treasures so little time. Now that we have an extra storage unit bring on the garage sales. LOL Next year the Cherry Blossom Festival as you can see it’s one of our local treasures.

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