The Man Cold.


The Man Cold.


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  1. This is one of the truest and funniest video’s I have EVER seen!!!! It’s freaking hilarious!! I think I wet my pants a little. Do you mind if I put this on my blog?? I’ll link it back to you. I LOVE THIS!!! Raising two boys and having a husband…..I can really relate to this. LMAO!!!

  2. Starla,
    Where did you find this?
    I love it!
    When men are sick, they DO act like they are going to die!
    They just ignored the poor girl!

  3. Glad you guys liked it! Joy definitely Post this if you would like! I played it for my husband just to get a guy reaction and he laughed. I put my hand on his forehead and said Oh,my poor, poor bunny. Big Smile. I’ll remember that next time he’s sick, actually next time I’m sick I would like the poor poor bunny. LOL so funny.;+).

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