Montana Spring


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  1. AWESOME images Starla! WELL DONE!!

    You live in a BEAUTIFUL part of the country. I’m surrounded my buildings and corn fields. LOL

  2. I’m always so impressed w/ your photo’s of Montana! Thanks for sharing your Spring with me, makes me happy to see such beautiful pictures of nature!

  3. Yeah!!! That would be Wonderful!:+). I am very Lucky! I am glad I am here it has been a good experience for me to live here. And lots of pretty place to point a camera at. LOL

  4. Hey, I’m wondering exactly where you might be…I’m currently working on a novel set in Missoula and would love some photos of specific areas to help me–would cover cost of your film and time. Email me at bmountjoy at if you’re interested. Your photos are AWESOME.

  5. Hi awalkabout Thanks, We are in Kalispell Montana not too far from Missoula. And I’m thrilled you like my pictures! I will Email you sounds like fun! Glad you stopped by.

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