Posey Goes To Missoula Montana. (This is Our Last Buddy Slideshows)


Thanks Nikki for sending Posey. Check out Nikki at Joy’s Blog.

This is the Last of the Last no more Buddies Aww. All the buddies have had their Montana Adventures. I think a couple are still on the road you can check out the many Buddy Adventures at the Traveling Buddy Blog. Thanks for Watching!

Visit all the buddies and the Travelin’ Buddy Blog.


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  1. This is just wonderful. You really do such a good job with these video’s. I will sure miss them. We’ll do another go around and this time you need to send one out. You’re just to good at it.

    I love Posey. She’s such a girlie girl. Funny, I still haven’t had her or SP. I wonder what the heck is going on. I’ll have to ask jj what’s up.

    Thanks to all who’ve played the game. It’s been so much fun.

  2. once again a great video. Thank you so much for hosting those little buddies..and I got a little video of my own over on my blog you should see. 😉
    Bongo arrived home with a box of gifts and guess what I can’t stop playing with. 🙂

  3. JJ I had so much fun Thank You and glad you liked the moose. It was a little bit of a risk sending it. I was hoping you wouldn’t think What is she whacked! Glad you laughed and it was nice to see you in the video I forgot to say that when I commented.

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