Learning New Things.


On TV today  I saw a lady who just  celebrated  her 102 Birthday takes her first ride on the back of a Motorcycle a Harley. I also saw a man in his 90’s just got his Wings, can you imagine getting your pilots license being in your 90’s. The other day when we were watching the small band gathered in the parking lot, such a variety of ages. It got me to thinking at any age, really is a good age to start something new. Ive heard of people learning a musical instrument on Youtube. It’s so easy for me to relie on what I know, and what I think are maybe my natural talents, keeping with what I am comfortable dong. But really as they say when there’s a will there is a way or you can find a way. It is inspiring to see people in their 90’s and 100’s trying new things. Life has an interesting way of coming around reminding you of things you may have given up on. Giving you second chances just because I was not a great flutist, or a fair drummer, maybe there is youtube guitar or fiddle lessons in my future. Or Golf maybe I could learn.

My Question Today is… Is there something New you having been thinking about learning or trying?


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  1. Starla, I believe it is all a matter of attitude and your health…mentally and physically.
    I do believe that if you set yourself up to try something new…that is within your limits, you can do it all!
    I have always wanted to do silly things and then crazy things!
    I am one of those people that has to make sure my family is set before I can go…full speed ahead!

  2. I can’t think of anything new I would like to try. My problem is I am a jack of all trades but a master of none! hmmm, I just thought of one, I would take art lessons.

  3. I wouldn’t mind learing how to be a chef and not just a cook. I would also like to learn how to sail a sail boat. Both sound pretty cool to me.

  4. omg, yes!!! This is a great post. I’d love to play the cello again. I played for a few years in elementary and was quite good at it but quit when I busted my arm and never went back. I’d love to play the piano or the guitar, and I’d love to be the lead singer of a band. I’d also like to be in good enough shape to be a runner. Nobody has ever asked me this question- yet these things are constantly running through my mind! And, yes indeed- there is something extremely inspiring about older folks learning something new and out of the norm for themselves. Especially, when an older person gets up the nerve to go back to college. I’d love to go to college. But, I have said that for 6 years and not gone back, so that one I must not want too bad- LOL!

  5. Awesome question. I would love to learn to play the piano and flute again. I learned as a child but didn’t retain any of it. I really wish I could read music because I tend to want to hurry the process and play by ear but then I can’t read it to learn new things.

    I’ve also really wanted to learn to speak french. Sounds kind of silly I know. Where would I ever use it? But I’d love to talk another language with the grandkids. I would be fun to talk behind their parents backs!! Aren’t I bad???

  6. Guitar – my cousin is teaching me a few chords- hopefully I can stick with it and actually learn to play a few songs. And I would like to lear line dancing and some ballroom dancing. I guess I’m all over the place.

    BTW I’ve had fun getting to know you some through your blog 🙂

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