Free Chat Thursday!


Wow the week gone by like a fluttering page on a paper Calender. We did a lot on our own Garden this week planting small plants like cabbage, leeks,Swiss chard, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, broccoli. I just had a funny thought what if this stuff grows?  Then we will have to eat more vegetables! LOL ah brilliant joke on us, being a big comfort food fan,  this will be adding a lot more veggies to the mix. We also planted a few flowers  which is really nice to watch my flower Garden Grow. Also a small box of Strawberries, we need to put netting over  the stuff to keep the deer out, they love fresh produce and flowers. The Gardening Job is going well thankfully it is not every day as my body I don’t think could handle it some days really sore the day after. It’s like having a personal trainer and getting paid for it. I feel stronger in general already. And last but not least on my own personal weekly chat is the Sinus pain seems to be unrelenting,  a little bit  better I suppose as far as not taking so much aspirin but the  pain is still always there.  One Year 3 and half months. Extremely frustrating that I can’t force it or will it away. But I suppose I may go back to the Doctor at some point.  Boy I could chat all day, guess that’s why my Blogs called Starla’s Chat.  One last thing, it’s a helpful hint about Bills. Are your Unpaid Bills stacking up?  Mine are one of my handy tricks is go through  the pile of bills,  which I need to do this and throw out all the duplicates because you know how bill collectors can be sending the same bill over and over.  So get rid of the copy’s right there will make the pile a little smaller and then throw away all the envelopes. Feel good the pile is smaller . Now how to pay them is beyond me so just send them just a little tiny token that will keep it hopefully from going into collection. There that’s some Red Neck Bill Paying.  More handy tips in the down turn. Please Share your tips too or Chat about what ever you would like. Will you be watching the Farrah documenrty on Friday?  How sad, what a sad situation, Cancer can be at times so unforgiving.


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  1. It sounds like you’ll have a great garden and some great food. Don’t you like vegetables? With some butter and salt, there’s nothing like them. Toby did a big HUGE garden down at his house this year. Paul helps and it really is a joint venture though I’m sure Sue will end up doing all the weeding. I haven’t done my flowers yet. I won’t get ahead of myself because it still could freeze. I make it a rule that I don’t put them out until Memorial Day. I did plant some pots with the grandkids on Mother’s Day but I’m bringing them in at night still. But I have a ton of flowers so we can share photo’s.

    You’re going to have to just pay your bills as best you can. Especially today, they will take what you send. I don’t think people are going to go after everyone like they used to. They just want the money so I feel they will take what you can afford to send. Play it day by day. We’ve been t here many times but never gave up so don’t you either. Most of us have had our lean times and it’s just something you need to live through and grow stronger for.

    Now if we could only get rid of your stupid sinus problems. I feel so bad for you. I was really hoping it was the tooth.

  2. I dream of having a big garden. My back yard is teensy-tiny. One year I did tomatoes on the side of the house and I’m going to plant this year no matter what because there is nothing on this earth like eating veggies from your own garden. Or making homemade marinara sauce from homegrown tomatoes!

    Love the tip on the bills, I’ll soooo have to try that Starla 😉

    You and I both have these crappy sinus issues. I’m just waiting to see what the CT scan shows – Doc told me if it showed no problem at all, then we were dealing with allergies. So, I’d have to see a specialist. I really want to know. I hope you find your answer too!

    About the Farrah special, I didn’t hear there would be one. I’d watch if I were home and had the time. It’s very sad, indeed 😦

  3. Starla…We have been running around doing this and doing that. We have tried to put all of our energy into as many things as we could possibly do! We have maintained a sense of humor and style while doing all of this crazy stuff in life! I think we deserve a break, every now and then. Maybe we should just do nothing every once in a while! Problem is, we wouldn’t be able to! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the garden. My dream is to have a vegetable garden someday too. Like so many other projects that I dream about, I need to stop dreaming and just get started! That being said- time for a nap 🙂

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