Trillium after a Spring rain.

Trillium after a Spring rain.

Purple Trillium

Purple Trillium



Trillium on Wikipedia.Trillium grandiflorum. We have about 20 in our yard. They are a bit rare in some places, so we feel special having so many growing wild in our yard.


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  1. Wow. That is truly beautiful. I’m going to check these flowers out. I wonder if they bloom all year of if they are just a spring bloomer. I love the delicate looking flowers. Thanks for this. I am the “flower lady” according to my granddaughter.

    Just so you know Starla, the joke was the “Dad makes prom dress (out of condoms).”

  2. Thank You So Much MMH I will post a link tomorrow to your site! That was so cool!!!

    Hey Nikki So good to see you! Did you see the Posey slide show? Hope you like it she was so fun I especially enjoyed flying her around the yard on the flying cow. LOL

    Hey Joy, They are really delicate flowers they are spring bloomers. they just popped up in our yard. I will keep an eye on them and see how long they last. Flower Lady what a nice title. Oh and the joke ,I was mesmerized by that dress all the colors. Ya a jokes a joke.

  3. Hi Starla, those are gorgeous. Even better is the fact that they grow wild in your yard. I’m a huge orchid fan.

    I bought some for the house and after a year or so, they started to decline. So I took them outside and tied them to a tree and they are loving it! They’ve bloomed twice so far.

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