Did you see the Farrah Documentary?


I was Wondering if you saw the Farrah Documentary and what your thought? I knew it would probably be tough to watch but I decided to watch anyway. I was right it was tough, very sad actually gut wrenching. I thought they did a good job as far as documenting a really, really, tough battle with Cancer. One thing I know about Cancer is that it not only effects the person diagnosed but an amazing circle of people around that person. I thought it was very sad when her son was allowed to come home from jail to say Good Bye, still in the leg chains. I pretty much lost it then. Anyway One thing I walked away with watching this aside from a knot in my stomach was How All of Life is important and valuable it easy for me to categorize life into good parts fun part bad part but really it keeps coming home to me that really all the parts are of value and to see Farrah fight so hard for her life and her will to live reminds me what a precious Gift Life is.


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  1. Hi Starla, I put this on DVR last night and haven’t watched it yet so I didn’t want to read what you wrote. I don’t like “previews” and like what I’m going to see to be spontaneous so I’ll come back to this after I’ve seen it. I’m kind of feeling down today so I’m not going to do it today and probably won’t watch it until next week one afternoon. I just love Farrah and this whole thing is so sad.

  2. I couldn’t watch it. Even though she was every teenage boys fantasy she was us girls hair model. OMG…the feathered back sides that we all had to have once Farrah sported them.

    I just feel sick about it. Growing up it seemed Hollywood people died of old age (for the most part) …like cancer and these horrible diseases just didn’t touch the rich and famous and now it’s more and more and somebody else everyday.

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