Beauty Secrets.


Do you have any easy Beauty Secrets that come to your mind?  One beauty secret  I heard of years ago from a hairdresser was Mix a little apple cider vinegar and water and rinse your hair with it.  Just every once in a while it will help to clear off shampoo build up. I do this   once in a  Blue Moon and am surprised at something so simple  it works like a charm. Leaving my hair feeling really clean and bouncy. Sounds like a commercial. Do You have any favorite Beauty Secrets?


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  1. That hair rinse sounds like a great idea and I’m gonna try it. The only “secret” I have probably isn’t a secret but I’ve always, always washed my face before bed and have never gone to bed with make up on. I can’t stand the way it feels and I guess it’s really bad for your skin.

  2. Don’t need them! I’m such a natural beauty!

    Actually, hot water, when bathing or washing your hair, should be avoided. Dries out the skin/scalp.

  3. Save up your money, from birth and then have plastic surgery to take away anything that is bothering you!



    Eat well, drink lots of water, and laugh at life!

  4. I have a question for anybody who has a good remedy for dark circles under the eyes…they arent’ so much puffy but I’ve inherited 3 things from my mom…

    short fuse/bad temper (yes they count as one)
    big ass
    dark circles under the eyes

    …I have tried almost all concelors..none of them work. Do any of the home remedies work?

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