Monday Again.


I’m not sure how to post pictures today. I’m using the Big boy computer and I can’t seem to make it go zoom zoom.  So drat,  Well I slept in this morning so no sunrise for me. I guess this will be a challenge I just need to set my alarm clock . I’m not even sure what time the sun rises these days. Last night I tossed and turned like a salad ugg. The sunrise challenge is not to get an award winning photo, maybe it’s to brag  about your up and attem bright and early while I’m sawing logs. That reminds me of a story, about a Farmer who use to set his alarm clock very very early, he would  wake up and turn his kitchen light on and go back to bed. So that his neighbors would think he was up really early getting ready to farm.  Navar starts school today I’m a lot more nervous then he is but he’s been to college before,  so I guess he knows  what to expect.  Last time I started school it was buying the lunch box new binder, pencils, little plastic thingy to keep your pencil’s in. Maybe some day I’ll go back to school English  grammar and punctuation first stop! I feel bad about blogging especially  for the people who read my hardly edited works, sorry about that!  Some times I have nightmares with wheres there’s and yours  floating around. Oh well I guess my focus is more on color and art at least at this point, so my apologies. How’s Your Monday Going?  Is it another ground hog day?  Is the weather Beautiful?   Did you watch Survivor?


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  1. Best of luck to Navar!! I hope his first day back to school goes well.

    The weather is beautiful although just a little breezy today. That does bring the warmer weather so it’s supposed to be nice and warm all week which will be NICE!

    I did watch Survivor! I was rooting for JT for quite a while so I was glad to see him win.

  2. Yes, good luck Navar. I sure hope his first day goes well.

    Yes indeedy, I did watch Survivor. YEAH for JT. What a great guy. It was nice to see someone so down home, honest and full of integrity win the money. He never lied and he walked the walk. Great win. One of the happiest Survivors I’ve seen.

  3. Hi Starla! Well, today was get work done on the Highlander day! I did!
    Now I have to take my son to school for a test he needs to take!
    Maybe we will go get a bite to eat!
    Maybe I will just go straight to dessert!
    It has been one of those days! My son forgot to bring his flash drive to school and called me in a panic to email him his homework from the flash drive. Have I EVER done this before…in my lifetime? NO!!!!!! It was very confusing! After 6 phone calls from him, I got it! I wish I was not home when he called!!! 😦

  4. boring here on the homefront. Still looking for a job if for nothing else for the sanity of it all…if you call what a job brings sanity.

    best of luck Navar!

  5. Your posts aren’t hard to read at all! And when you start to feel bad about the people who read them, just think about what I put them through with the spelling and lack of punctuation on Dennis’s blog. That should make you feel better. 😉

  6. LOL Thanks Dennis the Vizsla . I’m going to keep my eye on those Earth Quakes. I’m officially on Earth Quake Watch at least for awhile. Hopefully things will settle down.

  7. Good luck to Navar!

    Monday was good nearly all way ’round. Nice weather. No super crazy Patrons at Library. My health was good. My feet didn’t absolutely kill. Over all good day, thanks.

    I hate “Survivor”, sorry.

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