Betty and Makwa hitting the road!

Betty is Missing travelin buddies.

Betty is Missing travelin buddies.

Blonds have more fun!

Blonds have more fun!


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  1. I just got my Philip home yesterday. Thank you so much for the pooping moose. I thought of jj’s video and almost wet my pants laughing. That whole deal was so much fun. Are you going to do this next one? I sure hope you will. You did such a good job at it and I think you owe it to Betty and Makwa. They look so lonely.

  2. Thanks Joy glad you liked the moose;+) pretty silly huh. Betty’s been riding on the dash lately, she does look pretty lonely. She falls over a lot without any friends to hold her up. It really is a bit sad. We find ourselves cruising the stuffed animal isles as we shop, putting different ones together, saying look little buddies! LOL Navar was doing that just yesterday. So funny, that was a really fun idea. I guess we’ll see if I’m working when it rolls around again. I’m thinking Navar in school, I need to work more. Great Environment to look for work, with the down turn and all. Gardening job will be winding down soon. So back to the drawing board for me.

  3. check your email in a bit. Another scathingly brilliant idea was thought out. 😉

    Bongo is back home sitting on my printer with the rest of the buddies. My pooping moose is sitting right by the short bus that the kids insist I ride. It was a fun little project!

    🙂 love ya starla!

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