How to give the perfect Man Hug.


Man hug  video Link

I get a little confused with all the different possible Hugs. When I was getting lost in the world of you tube the other day, I found this video talking about the perfect Man Hug. The one hug I think they left out was the side ways hug. They could probably do a video on just greetings in general and that Awkward moment to hug or not to hug and who’s a huger and who’s not a huger. Now with Swine Flu type scares, do we hug less? The pandemic scare it’s hard not to turn a person into a bit of a germophob. I notice when I was shopping today, two stores had big corner displays of Lysol hand wipes, Lysol spray and purel hand sanitizer. They talk about a 2nd or 3rd wave possible in the Fall getting worse with each wave are you concerned or no not really.


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  1. Well Starla, I am a bit leery about this subject! I am very careful and wash my hands…over and over again! I believe we need to be careful, not crazy!

  2. Oh man, that video was hilarious. I’m not really being any more careful now than I’ve always been. I do wash my hands first thing when I get home from anywhere and I do use those clorox wipes on an awful lot of things. I do my steering wheel, purse and cell phone if I leave home too. But I’ve always been this way. I don’t want to catch anything and I sure don’t want Swine Flu.

    Given that said, I agree with Luisa. We have to be careful but not obsessed about it. I did hear we would get another strain of it this fall and it could be much much worse because it will be when school starts back up and we aren’t in the outdoors as much. Things always seem to spread much worse in the winter when we are cooped up.

  3. I’m not a hugger either! This video had a lot of information for us guys though. Very informational! Thanks for sharing Starla. 😀

  4. First of all, that video is hilarious. I have been carrying around anti bacterial products for years. Yes, I do have fear of flu but I have always had it. I’m happy to say I have never worn a mask though I have thought about it. I usually don’t hug people though I won’t refuse a hug. I do hug my children a lot.

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