Blogging Easter Eggs.


Some times I think of Blogging, like hunting for Easter Eggs. Hopping around like a little bunny looking and then finding all kind of treasures. Every color, and size that you can imagine, so much fun! This morning in my hopping, I found  a wonderful video at my friend David Binghams Blog. Check out the first post, Britain’s got talent, a new contestant. Also while your there, take a look around, it’s a great Blog, a little humor a little tech, it is outside of WordPress but I do enjoy visiting. He’s also on my Blog roll. Wonder if we can talk him into coming over to WordPress. WordPress Rocks!


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  1. You know Starla, I don’t like other blogs either. I just like the easy way it is to leave comments here at WP. I only have one that I go to that’s “outside” “us.” The thing is I have a hard time getting the comments to work and end up having to rewrite it all the time. If you get that “can you see this” code wrong, your comment disappears. It’s to much for me. I try to make it to all my “peeps” everyday and if you have to rewrite comments 3 or 4 times, I just don’t have the time. I haven’t gone blog strolling in a really long time. I’m at a point now that I love my blog with the people that are there that I just plain don’t have time to add any more to the ones I have. If you spread yourself to thin, you end up cheating everyone.

  2. Oh, yeah, I hate it when the CAPTCHAs won’t load. I just enter some random letters, submit, let it get rejected, and then submit the comment again.

    BTW that video from “Britain’s Got Talent” didn’t go at ALL like I thought it would. 😉

  3. omg, that video was so funny – at first I thought, “Poor Eugeine” and he was actually hilarious. He looks so pathetic though, right? Poor little guy! He needs a makeover, and this coming from (ME) who wears tshirts, sweatshirts, and jeans every single day. So, he really does look sad. 🙂

  4. Hi Starla, I’ve seen your comments at Gary’s and Doraz’s blogs. I’ve been meaning to come and visit you for some time. Nice blog!

    That video turned out differently than I thought. Based on his appearance I thought it would be embarassing. What a pleasant surprise!! It was very touching and he was very funny. And Piers appologizing? I never thought I’d see that.

  5. Hey guys thanks for checking out Davids Blog and the Video. I thought that was a really good video, I thought he did a good job I like to see people on these show knock it out of the park!

    Hey Era I’m glad you stopped by, nice friends you have Gary and Doraz! Come by anytime. ;+)

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