Flathead River Float

Flathead River, Montana

Flathead River, Montana

Hello Starla’s man here. Finally got a sunny day and was going to do some work. However a friend called and said, “ya wanna float the river?”  Well I have only done that a couple of times. Hm mm “Sure!”  Wow what a day. The Flathead River was high, muddy, full of debris, and fast. Well at first it was fast. pretty much a wide slow river. Saw lots of birds:27 canadian geese (11 goslings), 6 blue herons, 4 bald eagles, 2 trumpeter swans, and 1 red tail hawk. Once a fish jumped out of the water right by the 13 foot inflatable kayak.

It was beatiful and peaceful.


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  1. color me green again! I feel like I should bust out in a kermit voice and sing..”It’s not easy beeeeiiiing green”

    thank you for sharing this with us starlasman!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post. Gary, I called you. However the phone number you gave me ended with, “Please insert your credit card number.”
    Yesterday was one of those days you say, “That is why they call it Big Sky Montana.” Also you say, “I am glad to be alive.”
    thanks for the comments, Starlasman

  3. Awesome Starlas man. “Inflatable kayak” says it all. I love boats and kayaks and canoes but I don’t know how much I’d like it IF I thought it could spring a leak. You are one brave man Navar. I also really love your photography. You have a terrific eye. It’s so beautiful there.

  4. Joy I know what you mean.
    When my friend said that we where going down the river in the inflatable kayak, my first thought was, “Why not the cedar canoe?”
    My friend said it was military grade. He said he watched a video with a big burly guy beating on one with a philips screw driver and a claw hammer and it stood up to that. Therefore I decided to relax and enjoy.

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