I am always amazed at the idea of even growing food, what a concept.   Navar, built a couple of small Garden Boxes, the first garden box is by the entry way along the path it has strawberries and some herbs, and on the other side a small amount of flowers. In the back yard is a larger box with broccoli, leeks, carrots, bok choy I think that’s bok choy obviously I don’t know much about that fine food. We have plastic draping over everything,  so at night the  plants won’t get too cold and die.  Tomatoes are in the house waiting, Montana is a rotten place to grow tomatoes, people usually put them out to early and we get a late frost and they die.   Armed with this knowledge we are waiting.  The growing season around here is short,  so tomatoes unless you live in a really sunny part and grow them just right can end up with green tomatoes.  Have you ever had fried green tomatoes?  The movie makes green tomatoes look so good. I’ll take a couple of pictures and show you what we’ve got going.  I feel a little bit in uncharted territory, we know a little bit about Gardening but are in no way Master Gardeners.  I figure like a lot of things just jump in figure it out as you go, what’s the worst that could happen the stuff dies and that wouldn’t be the end of the world.  So we will keep you posted on our goings on here and let me know what your up to. Do you have a Garden if so What kind and Hows it going?


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  1. I would love to have a garden but we have this really gross clay under our grass. The only thing it is good for is rice fields, which where we live used to be. My other problem is my black thumb. The only green thing I can grow is mold in my fridge! 🙂

    Good luck on your garden!
    We have been wanting to plant a Garden for years usually we plant just a few things a few flowers and herbs. Indoor plants I wish I had a greener thumb I forget to water some times making the plants not so happy.

  2. This year we will not be doing a garden. We are , sadly, too busy to “do it right!” So, we asre going to watch and see what you come up with! I will miss all the eggplant! Yummy!

    Eggplant that is a good idea, I didn’t think about planting eggplant that is a good idea. I will miss seeding pictures of your Garden Doraz with the everlasting pumpkin. I’m trying out this new comment feature, well new to me let’s see if it works.

  3. You’re so right about tomatoes. So many people put them out way to soon and then they freeze. They are very “touchy” to grow. Our growing season is a little longer than yours but we don’t have ours in yet either. I do plan on getting a start on my flowers this weekend. I have to make myself wait. I’ve lost to many over the years and when you feel “spring fever,” you have to remember that it still “could” freeze.

    We did gardening for so many years but slowly stopped. We do have asparagus and do plant a handful of tomatoes. Toby and Sue are doing a big garden this year and Paul will give them a hand and we will share but with just the two of us, we can’t eat it all. Sometimes I miss it but other times I don’t. I do most of my flowers in pots and have them hanging all around the deck and I do a lot in big pots all over my yard. They are so much easier to keep weed free this way.

    You’ll learn by trial and error just like everyone else. You don’t give yourself enough credit.

    Joy, Look, I found the bold type on the comment page. Ive been trying to figure this out for awhile! I remember you mentioned how to do this in a post one time but for some reason I didn’t take notes on it. I think having potted plants is the way to go like you said it helps with the weed factor and I think it’s nice the explosion of color.
    Shoot I must have turned the bold off. LOL

  4. I only have hostas and other perennials and an herb garden which is currently being ruined by some tiny black and red beetles! I sprayed them last night. Take that bugs!
    Thanks S.Le for telling me how to do this the bold comments. It’s taken me this long to actually figure it out sheesh but look at me go now!

  5. Good luck with your garden Starla! I don’t know much about gardening myself. I am going to be planting a small garden in our back yard with my youngest son. I thing we will have some fun together doing that. We are going to plant some green onions, radishes, carrots, strawberries and tomatos.

    We are going to plant them and hope for the best. It will be fun no matter what we end up with. 😀
    Sounds like Fun Gary! We sure have had fun with our Garden and I’m surprised it’s really not that hard at least so far. Keep me posted on how it goes I may post some pictures of our little Garden.

  6. I’m totally NOT a gardener but wish wish wish I had one. I have the smallest backyard ever! I’m not kidding. I might grow a few tomato plants on the side of my house and that’s all. My dad always had a garden! There really is nothing like being able to pick your own fresh veggies and fruits! They taste so perfectly delicious! I’m glad you are giving it a go! Let me know your progress!!!
    JavaQueen, look I found the bold comment thingy. I can’t believe how long it took me to find that darned thing! Tomatoes do taste really good when they are home grown! We have talked about doing a Garden for year’s finally we have the space and a little time, so far so good. I’m looking forward to learning more about Gardening. I will probably post a few pictures soon.

  7. Good luck on your garden. I don’t have much available yard space. We mostly have flowers. I planted a basil plant once and it just didnt thrive. I do hope to try my hand at a veg garden…one of these days.

    Hi Era, Thanks for commenting,;+) Usually that’s what I have planted is a few flowers I love flowers. And a couple of herbs, I have heard that growing herbs from seeds can be difficult. I think herbs are better to grow from a small plant. I also heard that basil can be real finicky to the cold. Sure is fun learning, so far so good, hope we don’t get too much cold weather.
    Shoot that was all suppose to be in bold letters. LOL I’m still learning how to use this bold comment thing. sigh.

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