We went out to the store the other day to pick up Navar some school supplies. We looked for a lunch Box gotta have plenty of snacks  and brain food.  Funny we found the scooby lunch box and he actually for a moment thought about it!    Being around me and my silliness must be catching.  But we came to our senses and choose something a little  more sophisticated.

Husbands go back to school lunch box.

Husbands go back to school lunch box.

We actually got him this one. I have a question When you went to school as a kid did you bring a brown bag for your lunch  or did you have a lunch box and if you had a lunch box do you remember what kind?   I can’t remember what kind of lunch box I carried.


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  1. I think I had a “real” lunch box once in elementary school I think it was a Holly Hobbie lunch box.
    Other than that I brown bagged it. When my kids brown bag it I always draw a little picture on the bag for them.

  2. Well Starla, back in the day…we had just brown paper bags. They were fine, I guess. ! would rather have had a “cool” lunch box! Oh well!

  3. I did have a metal lunch box. It was a Lassie one. Those were the real deal. They would probably be outlawed now. TO DANGEROUS. LOL!! I used that until nobody else did and then brown bagged it. I did buy my lunch a lot of the time too. I loved school lunches. I know I’m alone thee but I still enjoy them when given the chance to have them.

    I would have cracked right up had Navar gotten the Scooby one. That would have been so funny to me.

  4. oh but one good thing about paper that when done eating lunch you can get the whole room to haul ass, cry or wet their pants when you blow up the sack and pop it! You would have thought being called enough times over that my mom would have bought me a lunchbox!

  5. I had the old metal lunch boxes in grade school and then used a brown bag when I went off to junior high. My parents would get me a new one every year when we went shopping for new school clothes and school supplies. I don’t remember them all but I remember one of them being an NFL lunchbox. I also remember having a Superman and Scooby Doo lunch box as well. MAN I miss those days!! 😀

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