Rivers of Recovery A mans Adventure to help Veterans.


Going with the Spirit of Memorial Weekend, I thought I’d tell you about a person I recently heard about, basically a friend of a friend his name is Dan T. Cook. He came up with an idea actually I think a great idea to help wounded soldiers and their families. He has set out on a very long and looks like difficult and arduous Adventure in a small boat by himself in hopes to raising money and awareness for his project. His project is to take veterans and their families fly fishing on rivers teaching them fly fishing. I remember seeing so much news about our vets coming back with injury’s, disabilities, brain injury’s and PTSD , broke my heart, so I am so happy and appreciative to see someone doing something honoring our Vets, and what a great idea. I know for myself the peace that can be found when spending time in nature can be very healing indeed. So I thought I would share this link with you and you can see what he is up to and can actually track his Adventure’s down the Missouri and Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s his link you can track his Adventure down the river with frequent updates and videos.


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  1. We take a lot for granted… that not only do they fight for our freedom but sadly sometimes come home disabled… or not at all. What about all those soldiers? I cannot even begin to imagine? This is really cool, I’m going to go read more about it!

    I’m going to follow this story, and see how he does on his trip, looks like a long way. It’s so easy to take life and health for granted like you said, but there are so many solider that need help. I hope as a country we step up and make sure that they get all the help in what ever form that they need. It’s nice to see what one person can do.

  2. That’s so wonderful that someone actually did something to help instead of just talking about it. Fly fishing is always something I’ve wanted to try. It looks like an art. I’m clapping my hands to together that this man did this.

    Side note, have you ever seen A River Runs Through it? It’s a great movie.

    Hey Joy, Yes I did see the move A River Runs Through it it is such a beautiful movie, I could sure see it again. And I am clapping my hands too, I just think what he is doing is a wonderful thing I hope he has a safe journey without indecent. Looks like he’s already traveled far. I have tried fly fishing a little bit the line is so thick. I’m not very good at it, that would be something good to take a class to learn it looks like it’s a bit of an art, I would imagine there are lots of secrets to it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. It’s a great campaign. I’ve never been fishing myself and this has sparked my interest.

    @Joy: I haven’t seen A River Runs Through it, but I’m definitely going to rent it.

    Hi Era, Another good movie is called Trout Grass it’s a good fishing movie about making fly fishing rods it starts off in China where the bamboo is grown. The fishing is mainly catch and release which is nice for the fish. It’s a pretty film as well as A River Runs Through it which is also a great film.

  4. Very nice. I would have never thought of that. I only have one more semester until I graduate with a Psychology degree. Things like PTSD are very serious but calming things like fishing really help. I am glad to know that there is someone out there that is so willing to do something for those who have given so much.
    I’m glad you liked this story, it’s one of my favorites. I will be tracking his Adventure and hope it goes well for him, it would be interesting to be a volunteer fishing guide, my husband was talking about maybe checking this out.

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