Montana Spring Meadow


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  1. These are once yet, gorgeous. Did you have a nice day there today? It was beautiful here. Got some stuff done but did act kinda lazy this afternoon. It felt good though. Hope your day was okay.

    Pretty good it’s been relaxing here. I did have a hammock indecent, so I’m a little sore. Navar tried to climb in the hammock too and the darn thing busted and out we tumbled. I guess it’s kind of funny but my body hurts. I’m going to a BBQ tomorrow I’m looking forward to that. Glad your having a good weekend.

  2. Hammock incident????? Now that sounds like a good post! What in the world happened?? I know I shouldn’t laugh but man, it sounds to funny not to.

  3. Nothing like a good “Incident” to provide some blogging material. All my best posts have been the result of some “Incident”. ie Margaret the Postal Nazi

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