Daily Caffeine

Coffee pot I like to take to work.

Coffee pot I like to take to work.

So the latest good news is that coffee’s good for the brain, well I could have told you that. I drink coffee, and my brain feels good.  Any questions?   This is a picture of our coffee pot, I had mentioned a while back about my first day of work and how we were scrambling around trying to get ready, things were not running smoothly at our house. We had left the house, and realized we had forgotten a couple of things so we turned around, went back home to pick up the forgotten items. As I was rushing out of the house, I eyed the coffee pot, I realized I drank only 2 cups that morning and I knew I’d be wanting more, especially being my first day of work. At some point I would be probably wanting more caffeine. Looking at the pot I thought why not, just grab the whole pot right off the burner,  it was full, it’s a thermos and why not. Navar laughed as I came running out of the house with the pot of coffee and when we got to work and I pulled out the pot and carried it down the trail to the green house my new boss laughed.  I’m sure he’s had a lot of workers over the years with people bring a cup of coffee, but for some reason bringing the whole pot seems unusual to him, to me it makes sense, tomorrow when I go to work I will grab and go with my pot of coffee and good news it is good for my brain.

Are you a coffee drinker or perhaps Tea or maybe Coke or Pepsi? Are you caffeinated or decaf all the way?

Brain Health Tip

The below came from Lumosity. A sight to help keep your brain sharp. It is new to us. So not completely sure about it yet, but this sounds like something we like to hear.

Protect Your Brain with Daily Caffeine

What’s the best way to consume caffeine for sustained cognitive performance?

Studies have concluded that caffeine is best consumed gradually, over the course of the time you want to be alert. In other words, you should aim for small and frequent doses of caffeine rather than a venti chug to start the day. This is because caffeine reaches the brain quickly and is then gradually removed by your system.

Here’s the caffeine content of some popular drinks (in milligrams, per 6-oz servings):

1. Espresso: 100

2. Brewed coffee: 80-135

3. Instant coffee: 65-100

4. Tea, brewed: 40

5. Coca-cola: 23


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  1. So that’s the answer I shoulda got a caffiene hit instead of a pole hit & my brain would be still normal, but what is normal for me isn’t necessarily normal by normal standards….

    I actually thought Coca cola would’ve been much higer

  2. I read the 2nd bit before I read the 1st part.
    I can’t get my get up & go to get up & go without my morning coffee. Miss out & my get up & go has got up & gone.

    I have a 1st up coffee about 6:30 while I blog before leaving for work. I have another when I get to work. Coffee for morning tea break with a muesli bar. Depending on how I feel coffee or can of coke with lunch. Coke after my 5km pedal home after work. Coffee of an evening after dinner. Imagine if the world’s MY caffiene supply was suddenly made unavailable AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

  3. I didn’t name my blog “JavaQueen” for no reason 😉 I adore coffee- fully leaded please! With cream and sweet and low…

    Nothing better than that first cuppa coffee in the morning, or at night on my way to work. I really look forward to it!

  4. You are so cute!!! I love that despite having been out of the workplace for a long time you still have the self-confidence to act like a freethinker!! Your boss must love you!!

  5. That’s funny! Going to work on your first day with a whole pot of coffee. Did you share it with your boss? If he’s a coffee drinker I’m sure it would have scored you some “brownie points” or should I say “coffee points”. 😉

    I’m a BIGTIME coffee drinker. I live on the stuff!

  6. That is so funny about bringing the whole pot buy hey, why not?

    I’m caffeinated ALL THE WAY BABY! What’s the point of decaffeinated??? I drink a pot a day. Only in the mornings. Every now and then I splurge if I’m out and get a cappicinio but other than that, I usually drink one can of cherry Pepsi in the afternoon or evening.

  7. I often mix regular and unleaded so I don’t get too buzzed and can still drink an entire pot myself. I don’t really care if it’s good for me or not. Life has too little joy to give up such ambrosia!

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