Spring Fun.

Pink Blossoms

Pink Blossoms

Small Montana Lake

Small Montana Lake

Enjoying the Lake

Enjoying the Lake


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  1. Starla, I really love when you share the area with us all. It is beautiful where you live! I have relatives…on my brother;s side, who live there! The brother who is sick, has been there several times. His deceased wife was from there. Maybe one day, I really will visit! That would be great!
    Doraz That would be great! I hope they can find out what’s going on with your brother soon. Medical stuff can be so frustrating especially when your trying to figure something out. Seems like with all our technology they could diagnose easier. We may go for a little hike in a few days to a really pretty part, that’s neat that you have relative who live up here.

  2. That tree is so beautiful. Mine was like that a few weeks ago. My apple tree was gorgeous too. How come they only look like that for such a short time? I’m with Luisa here. I love seeing these glimpse’s into your world and it’s such a beautiful one at that. Thanks Starla.
    Thanks Joy! I’m having fun getting out more and taking my camera with me. I like to take you guys to my favorite spots. If your not really here, I can take you along in spirit and show you the pictures later. Next trip plan is soon, get the bear mace out and a sack lunch cause we are going on a little hike to a really pretty lake and hopefully we will see wildflower on the way! Are you ready? Sack lunch and bear mace in hand OK lets go!!!

  3. Beautiful! Canoeing(?) is something I’ve never done. The lake looks delightful and lovely even though I’m a bit afraid of water. Not drinking it, being on it. The drowning bit scares me. Anyway, looks like a fine day!

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