Our Friends Got Flocked!


You've Been Flocked!

You've Been Flocked!

Our friends got flocked by a local high school that was doing a fund raiser. You pay $15 to get someone flocked by the pink flamingos. Our friends came home and their yard was full of blowup pink plastic flamingos and a florescent green sign that read in black letters, “You’ve been flocked!”

Have you ever done a practical joke involving someones house? Navar put a for sale sign on the gate of our neighbors house, who is always joking with us.


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  1. Wow, Imagine coming home to that, cool!!!!
    I remember with a practical joke we played on a friend late one night. I went round to his house with another friend in the middle of the night. Got his mower out of his shed, put it on the front verandah, started it up & left leaving it there revving flat out.
    He was not amused & called us all sorts of names when we saw him the next day, we confessed as it was too good a joke not to take the credit for

  2. I’ve heard of “being flocked” but have never witnessed it. I think I loo-papered somebody’s house once. I really don’t like practical jokes. I find them to be actually quite impractical at best. I like the flocked thing though.

  3. I love it!
    Navar is quite the kidder!
    I have to remember that when I visit!
    I remember one time we took the left over pumpkins we did not sell from our farm, and put them near the tires of cars so when they backed up…we saw them get squished! Stupid, but funny at the time! We were kids!
    Dennis, I love your comment!

  4. This is great. I’ve heard of it but I live to far out in the country to have ever witnessed it. I love it though since I have a “thing” for Pink Flamingo’s. We used to go back and forth with out neighbor who’s a Packer fan. If you know football, we are Vikings fans and they do NOT get along. In a good way of course. One night we snuck into his horse arena and put purple and yellow crepe paper with all kinds of Vikings signs. It was hilarious. One night a few weeks later the Packers were playing the Vikings and we kept hearing a horn honk every once in a while and we couldn’t figure it out so we went to check and here he had put all kinds of Packer stuff down by the end of our driveway with a big sign on the road that said “HONK” when you drive by!! It was hilarious.

  5. This stuff is funny! I’ve never seen anything like it. And reading some of the other comments I’m starting to think I live in a boring neighborhood.

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