Economy: Where are we, where are we going?


OK here’s my thought, I’m tired of the down turn, Yup had enough. Want more down turn? No, I’m good thanks. Sigh What are your feelings, on the subject? I know what the TV says, and I know what is going on in our lives just wondering what your thoughts are. I know what I would like, I would like it to be gracefully on an upswing, hell don’t make it graceful just make it turn up, the economy that is. My feelings, sadly is that we will have more hunkering down to do. I’m tired of hunkering, but as I look around I don’t see huge marked improvements, which tells me to keep cutting expenses shorten the outflow, increase the income and hold tight. A couple of years ago our town was booming with strip malls going in and new business galore especially anything that had to do with construction. Now when we go to town it is not uncommon to see another closed sign more for rent signs and lots of for sale signs. Not to be negative, OK maybe I am in a sour mood, but I figure the average blogger has more of a clue to what is really going on right now than the folks on the TV News. So what’s your take? Where are we? what do you think is going on? Where do you think we are going long term?


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  1. To me it’s sad and a little confusing. It’s hitting harder and closer to home for my family (possible relocation and all). However at the same time new stores and malls have been built in our area, while others are going out of business. The only thing I can think of is: maybe all the construction contracts were signed before the downturn so they have to go ahead with all these new projects. I hope peolple are able to benefit with new jobs. My fear is that if things get bad enough, these new stores will never open.

    Any way, I didn’t mean to sound depressing. This is America. We grit out teeth, hunker down, and we will prevail!

  2. Short term : I think we’ve significantly more fall out to come. The same premise that justified that securitized the residential market is the same that premise that justifies the commercial market.

    But there always exist opportunities.

    Long term : We’ll be just fine.

    There always exist opportunities.

  3. What really annoys me is the politicians keep telling us to tighten our belts but do we see them taking wage cuts for the sake of saving our countries money. It was on the News recently that Australia’s Prime Minister put in place a 6 month wage freeze for all politicians & the majority of them were OUTRAGED. Poor things, I’ll gladly swap incomes with anyone of them if they feel so hard done by

  4. I don’t know. My husband thinks it will be this way until at least the end of the year. Things are still very slow in construction and making and selling plywood is still just barely alive. We live very rural and I think it’s hit the small towns worse because a small novelty store in the middle of nowhere just can’t compete with the Walmarts of the world and our small town mom and pop stores will soon be a thing of the past I’m afraid and that just breaks my heart. We’ve lost a very good restaurant and one of my favorite stores, a Ben Franklin where I bought all my scrapbooking and knitting supplies. Now I have to go a lot farther to buy them so I’ve pretty much started doing it online which also doesn’t help the stores but I don’t live in a city where it’s easy to just hop in the car and go. It’s a very scary time and I worry constantly about my husbands health because he worries himself sick over his employee’s. That is the ones he has left.

  5. It is hard for me to comment on this subject because I live in Southern CA where people, I am sure, are feeling the pain…but, they manage. I do my part around my house, and hope everyone else is doing the same. I know we will survive…it may be harder for some, but we will. I am not thrilled about the current administration, but I am not in, I do not have the total picture. I must be honest and say, we are considering moving to Ireland! 🙂 i

  6. I’m not sure where California is going … all I can tell you is that we appear to be in a large bowl made of some sort of porcelain, and the bowl is full of water, and the water is swirling around and around and around a very large drain in the center …

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