This Exercise looks Fun!


This looks like a fun way to exercise.


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  1. Too funny!
    If I attempted that, I would fall!
    I have a treadmill in my room, and I sometimes “dance” on it…but all that…no way!
    I loved this!

  2. That was so neat. I’d fall on my rear end if I ever tried anything like this. I liked the way it looked and that song had me dancing in my chair. Thanks Starla. You find the best video’s.

    I agree with Luisa, keep Eric away until we can get him some protective gear.

  3. Not only a fun exercise, but highly effective it appears. Two of those guys are as thin as rails!

    Awesome video! This group has some great videos with spectacular choreography. This one is my favorite so far. I bet they won’t let us do this at the local fitness club.

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