Tourist Season is Here.


We decided to have dinner at Subway Sandwich shop tonight, we were on the road, my husband was doing some work for a friend. Standing in line waiting to order, the lady in front of me said she had huckleberry pie today. I smiled and said I Love pie, in fact I was just thinking about pie a couple of hours earlier.  She went to pay for her sandwich and said “What no sales tax!” and I did a little dance, which I seem to do once in a blue moon, I think it’s called the Happy dance, and said it’s true, no sales tax isn’t Montana Great! I remember when I first moved up here how shocked I was when I heard that there was no sales tax.  There is a Resort tax in some resort towns 3% or less. There is also a 7% bed tax for Motels,  Hotels,  and Vacation Rentals.

So  here’s my question.  What are a couple of things that you might hear in your area that tells you that Tourist Season is here, that is if you are in an area that receives tourists.


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  1. I might hear “OMG, these people are such hicks!” or “I can’t believe there is no fresh mozzarella in this town!”
    (quoting a New Jersey nasal whine)

    Then I just smile and take their money. 👿

  2. “I can’t believe how hot it is here!”
    “Do you have any discounts for Universal Studios?”
    “How far is Disneyland from here?”
    “Is the beach far?”
    “What color is his hair?”
    “I can’t believe how these people dress out here!”

    Can I please stop?
    I could write a book on all I hear!

  3. We live in the middle of “cabin country” and it’s not so much what I hear but what I see. Boats, people in the grocery store looking like they forgot to change clothes…ie/bathing attire IN THE STORE!! Traffic, traffic and traffic where there never is any. Rudeness. Like we should bow at these people feet for honoring us by coming to our town. Prices go up everywhere. Bait shops, coffee shops and food. I love summer but hate that my little town gets over-full and we are looked at like dirt on the bottom of shoes.

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