Free Chat Thursday!


It’s been a long week here at the OK coral. The suns out and the air has a pleasant Spring chill too it. I’m enjoying each day of Spring as I know on it’s heals will be a sweltering heat, not my favorite. Our dog was sick this week, always a bit frustrating going from a healthy, happy dog to a really sick dog.  She has Additions disease, so she’s  healthy and happy go lucky most of the time and then she  hits the health wall and needs extra medicine and extra care. I find it pretty stressful, I try and not let it get to me but it just does. So when she happy and healthy life is easier for everyone here, and especially for her, poor kid.   Also it’s been challenging for me this week as my sinus is still bugging me so I will go back to the dentist and have them look at things, the frustrations is well frustrating to say the least. OK Butterfly’s and dragonfly’s,  one thing Ive notice when I’m having a particularly hard week it’s the small moments, like when I was sitting by the lake watching dragonfly’s and butterfly’s swirl around I think I saw 3 or 4 different kinds of butterfly in a short few minutes.Watching the lake and all the green around the lake was soothing.    And another moment reading a really good book, almost finished, a couple of chapters to go. Grabbing small moments of wonderful luxury jumping into the world of a wonderful read. Looking up for a moment letting  go of all the frustrations of the week,  some times those moment stand out more to me and this week I was immensely grateful for those small moments of fuss free time.  School update for Navar.   It’s actually going pretty well he’s doing homework like a champ! I had no idea he could sit for hours at a time doing homework it’s impressive.  He did get into a little bit of troubling for telling a story in the front of the class and using the sh** word and the teacher decided to use him as an example.  So he’ll be working on that, Ive been trying to already rain my blue words in.  Probably not a good idea for a cussing wild mountain man to be standing in front of the class telling wild stories .   Actually he doesn’t really cuss that much.

So How was your week? What’s going on in your world?   How are you fairing?   Are you enjoying being Winter Free?


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  1. I hope your sinuses are cleared up soon. I think I had a brief allergy thing a month or two ago but it’s been long gone now. I’m also glad that Navar is doing well in school. It’s got to be a big adjustment. Seriously, I don’t swear very much. I’m such a spontaneous person and I’m afraid a word will slip out in front of my grandchildren and I’d hate that. I also find when I need to let a string of words fly, I know where to go to get it out. But I think some people just throw those words around out of habit. I’m not saying I never do because I do but I try really hard not to let it be in my daily language. When I do swear, people know I mean business.

    I’m really a little more ready for summer than we’ve had. It’s still very spring like here. Normally we’ve been in the pool by now and had several tornado’s. None of that yet. Last night at my grandson’s baseball game, we all had jackets on and that’s very rare. I wouldn’t mind longer like this though. It’s nice not to have the a/c on.

  2. I hope you feel better soon and hope your dog improves as well. This week I’ve been kinda stressed about our move, which seems to be more and more of a sure thing with every passing day. Anyway, things could be a lot worse so I thank God for what we have.

    You are so right about the little moments that stand out in the hustle and bustle of things. They give us new focus and encouragement. I’ve got a lot to do this coming week so I’ve got to keep my pity party short and get busy. Time to face challenges.

  3. We’re pretty much always winter-free here … I’m enjoying being wildfire and earthquake-free, though. Yesterday we had a thunderstorm, which was cool — maybe only the second or third I’ve seen out here. I miss them!

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