Llama Poo Tea


Llama “Poo-Tea” website.
Might have to try this for the garden. Might beat hauling tons of manure in. When I was a boy we had about an acre garden. Our first year we hauled in horse manure. Bbbaaaadddd idea, because horses have one stomach and don’t digest seeds. Therefore we had weeds, mostly grass, galore. After that we got cow poo. Preferably that had sat in a pile for 5 years or so. We also had goats and used their poo. Pretty much any ruminant (4 stomachs) or animals like llama’s that have only 3 stomachs. Pretty much if they chew their cud there is less chance of seed transfer. Not to say that seeds don’t get through. The older the poo the less chance of it burning your plant. From what I understand you can test your soil and fertilize according to what you are growing. However I so far am lazy in this respect. Just built a box got some top soil threw it in an 8’x12′ box.
Anyway this Llama “Poo-Tea” seems like it might work. Think I will look locally for the poo though. We have quite a number of Llama farms around.
Have a great day! This has been Navar reporting for Starla.

“Llama manure is… simply put… terrific stuff for your plants. The llama “beans” as they are often called (as they resemble coffee beans, or rabbit poo, or whatever other “bean like” thing you care to imagine) break down slowly, releasing their nutrients into your plants.”


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  1. At first I thought you were talking about a drink & I thought GROSS!!! After I read it I thought WONDERFUL. I have been making Poo tea for the last couple of years now. I use whatever poo I have on hand at the time, usually cow, horse or sheep manure. I don’t use chemical fertilisers, only my home-made compost & poo tea

    Hmmm…. Maybe that’s why my veggie garden gets so many more weeds than the flower gardens as I often mix horse manure into my compost heap. I don’t waste valuable compost on flowers, if you can’t eat it then it doesn’t deserve the good stuff

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