Our Garden Show and Tell.


Here’s a picture of our Garden this morning.  We are not sure exactly what we are doing’ but we are doing it; how cool is that?  We have talked about having a little Garden for several years.  I think talking,  pondering, a little hemming, and hawing; is  the  planning process for many things.  I am glad we actually got around to it.  So far, it’s been really fun; Look stuffs growing!  I guess we did not plant Bockchoy,  like I said the other day, but that’s a good thing because I’m not really sure how to cook it, so that works out. We have red onions, yellow potatoes,  leeks,  carrots, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, peas, beats, lettuce, Swiss chard; I think that’s it. Oh and Chives, some herbs, Iris, strawberry’s, Cosmo’s, poppies, sweet peas, one rose and a partridge in a pear tree. Now hopefully we won’t have a cold night below freezing, or hail, or bug infestation; oh man this could be a challenge, but so far so good. So I will enjoy it as is, who knows what could happen. Here are some picture of our Garden.


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  1. Wow. It looks great Starla. Very nice. Bok Choy is kind of like Chinese celery. It’s really very good and an excellent addition to stir fry. I’ll have to get out and take some pics of my flowers one of these days. Way to go. It looks great.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. All the vegetables you named seem so much more appetizing when you grow them in your own garden. Beats the local grocery anytime!

  3. Great veggie garden, isn’t it so great to grow your own, tastes better & saves money. It’s winter here now & our garden has pretty much finished for the season except for carrots, parsnips, potatoes that are still in the ground as we only dig them as we need them & amazingly our capsicum (bell pepper) plants are still producing profusely. This time last year they had died off.

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