National I don’t feel like posting day!


National , alright that’s a little grandeous.  Maybe, I could twitter it for next year?  I’ve had two cups of coffee usually by the second cup I am inspired to go in a direction, posting that is. But today, I got nothing, zip, zilch,  goose egg.  I can’t even ramble on my post, no twitter, no report about how I’m on my third cup of coffee. Maybe it’s decaf have you ever had that happen,  Someone makes a pot of decaf and your wondering where  your zip went.  That happened to me once, it was so long ago it’s hardly worth mentioning. But today on national I don’t feel like posting day, it seems like just the thing to talk about.  Four and a half sentences not bad for not posting, LOL Some days, some days you’re the dog and some days you’re the hydrant guess what day this is?  Gosh I’m starting to feel better already a wee bit inspired. Huh, Oh look a little tiny grin, not really smile more like small turnip both corners we’ll take it.   Maybe I’ll go blog hopping.   So Hope your having a wonderful Sunday. It’s blue sky here maybe I’ll work outdoors.   Whats happening in your world on this beautiful day is it nice where you are?   Are you going out and about?    BBQ maybe? Chores?   Baseball?   Tennis?   Swimming? TV?  Church?  Shopping?  Taking the dog for a walk?  Skipping?  Jumping rope?  Farting? Sigh.


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  1. For someone with nothing to say, you said it very well 🙂 You could always open up a Facebook account and join us “Farmers.” It’s great fun, a really good workout and oh, the fresh manure smell in the air. COME ON!! DO IT!! See ya there.

    Oh Joy Joy Joy, Farming, I’ve heard it is addictive! And well, lets just say I can see myself up at 3 in the morning how would I keep up on my beauty sleep? Well I’ll mull it over, seems like all the cool kids are doing it. LOL;+). Thanks for the link Joy. I will probably walk around it, hem and haw, ring my hands, and then probably hit the link.

  2. Crap! If I’d known it was National No-Post day I would have saved my post till tomorrow!! Now I’ll have to think up something else! You should have sent out an email notice!

    Maybe I’ll pick another day. aAyear away seems to far, Hmmm good idea on sending out email notices!

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