Thank You Eric, for the Friendship Award from over at Soupalaxy!


Thank You  so much to my new blogging friend Eric at Soupalaxy for the Friendship Award!  Ive been really enjoying visiting his blog. I enjoy his writing style and I always look forward to visiting. He posted one of the nicest Thank You notes to his blogger friends the other day, it was so heart felt I really appreciated that. Funny we became friends when we both looked around and realized that a lot of our friends are the same, small blogging world. We sure have a nice group! I am so grateful! Any way, Thanks Again Eric. And by the way, Congratulations on the announcement of the new addition to you family. Very Exciting!


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  1. I also like Eric’s blog. He’s funny and sweet at the same time. I love your blog too Starla and appreciate your friendship. Good for both of you.

    • Hi Nolan! I was just thinking of Eric the other day. I haven’t heard anything. I hope he is doing well. I know before he left he was pretty busy with his job and he was also expecting a new baby. If you find out how he’s doing let me know. It would be nice to be able to track him down and wish him well. ;+)

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