This Looks like fun!


The music is a little wild, why they have to play a certain kind of music when ever a skateboard or motocross or  snowboard is involved is beyond me,  but they do, so you can just turn the volume down that’s what I do sometimes.  It a short video.
I saw this video and I thought this is so cool,  I wish I had a skateboard.  Then I thought I wonder what I could put these  things on?  Do you have any suggestions?   I was thinking maybe a shopping cart, I’d like to see the expression of the other shoppers faces.   I would say ” maybe I have a broken wheel or something.”  You could  put them on a walker if a person had a walker or… do you have any suggestions?   I wonder if you would have to worry about the sparks catching something on fire?

This is the link to the sparks


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  1. I think I will stick to walking, thank you!
    We went to Stables Center once and saw Tony Hawk Pro Skaters.
    I thought I was going to go nuts!
    All the stuff they did was amazing.
    It was fun to watch~~~
    The key word, for me…is watch~~~~:)

  2. I love the shopping cart idea. How funny. The looks you’d get at the store would be priceless. This looks so exciting to me and has got to take a lot of practice. How talented these young people have to be. Those sparks were really cool.

  3. Toilet paper, the sparking stuff would be awesome on public toilets toilet paper.
    Just imagine it, wipe, sparks AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!! 😀

    Yes old peoples walkers would be so cool, imagine granny pulling off a tripple twist with a 1 1/2 somersault & finishing off with a big streak of sparks.

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