Free Chat Wednesday!


I’m kind of in the mood for a party, maybe because I’m a little bored. A disco party or wild hat day or a dance party. I think it’s a little quiet around here with no buddies coming and going.  Maybe I can sign up for Flat Tony to Visit.  How about if they make his wife into a flat Michelle and they could send them both out for a little Holiday?  Flat Tony<a visit Tony at Oldfartsblog. I bet a lot of people would like Flat Tony to visit the gnomes in their yard. Let see blogger’s gossip, Well the word on the street is Gary  @GarysWorld01 should be coming back from camping soon. That sure was a long two weeks! I guess he twittered something like he’s  going back home Thursday night so maybe we will see a post on Friday?  Do you remember when I talked about taking you on a hike to one of the prettiest place around?  It’s not far from here and we are coming to the perfect time to go.  The snow should be melting and there  should be lots of wild flowers.  I may have to do a little research to make sure.  I may still have to wait a little bit  longer but get ready to go on a hike, bring a sack lunch and of course comfortable shoes and a little mole skin in case you get a blister and  bug spray, water, sunscreen, bathing suit, bear spray, jingle bells to jingle so the bears will hear you while you walk.   A friend of ours just  saw two bears and two cubs while bicycling the other day.   So it is defiantly bear  season  hmm maybe we should wait a little bit when they are more awake and maybe not so hungry. Well,  I’ll keep you posted on when we will go and I’ll take lots of pictures so I can show and tell.  What kinds of Fun things have you got up your sleeve for the near future?  A Fun Weekend Maybe? Oh it’s only Wednesday, the Weekend seems so far away sorry about that.  What do you do to keep your sanity how do you keep stress under raps or is it running you around.  Do tell, What going on I know it’s not  Thursday but I just need to chat it up.


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  1. Hi Starla…That hike of yours sounds like a big event..and maybe a beary one, too! I think I would rather take my chances with the bears at the mall! I am glad you are so adventurous! Can not wait to see those photos of yours! You have a great eye~ I try to stay sane by throwing crazy stuff into my daily mix~ The more off the wall, the better~ I like to surprises people~ It makes me happy and them, too! Have a wacky day, OK? 🙂

    Ya, I’m not really big on the whole bear scene. If it were up to me I would prefer not to deal with that aspect when going for a little walk in the woods. But when in Rome carry bear mace. I’m looking forward to going on this hike, Ive only been there once and it was really pretty so Hopefully if all goes well we will be going soon! Keep having lots of wacky Fun!

  2. I can’t imagine having to carry around bear spray. The most ferocious animals we have on the island are wild turkeys.

    I won’t be having much fun until that dear baby decides she wants to join us. Then it’s party time if I’m not too tired from getting up so early with her.

    I hope you have a fun day.

    Boy, I thought for sure she was going to arrive yesterday! Drats, well she’s just getting ready for her grand appearance. I will be checking your blogg! We will party when the dust settles and when we all have some energy.

  3. Flat Tony’s on his way to you via EEMT (Electronic Email Molecule Transportation)
    Flat Tony’s World Tour was about mid-last year & I never thought he’s take off again, famous flat little fellow…..

    Popular fellow this Flat Tony! LOL Hmm so EEMT well just thinking a small tour could snap me out of my doldrums. So would it be OK I promise no tattoo parlors or Hooters restaurants. Just clean Fun, maybe a nature shoot. Looks like now he’s pretty busy spending some time in the slammer, unless his “Auntie bails him out.” Hhhmm

  4. A hike (hopefully sans bear infiltration) is definitely on the radar for tomorrow evening. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a round of swing dancing this evening.

    A hike sounds like fun! Also dancing that sounds like a lot fun, hmm that has me thinking Navar and I have not been out dancing for ages. We may have break out the dancing shoes! ;+)

  5. I’m at Library on coffee break. No time to chat plus one must whisper at Library! Shhh!!!

    This week is fairly normal. We will have overnight guests Thursday/Friday. Only to sleep then they’re heading North from here. We are a free overnight hostel for them.

    Shhh!!! You do that so well! LOL
    Overnight guest that sounds easy, kind of, at least less work then it could be.

  6. There hasn’t been to much going on around here. It’s been kind of boring really. So many of our bloggers are gone right now so they are slow and I’ve been in a mood that doesn’t make me feel like doing anything. It’s been so cold here. I just can’t get motivated. If you go on that hike, show us pics and it may help me get off my dead butt!! Ya, I really miss Gary around but JAM and Nikki are gone too.

    Looks like Nikkis back today at your Blog unless that’s a post created before she went. Looking forward to show and tell pictures from everyone!!! Hopefully, it will warm up soon there. Sunshine can make all the difference in the world!

  7. hello starla its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo hav flat tony over be kayrful he got me arrested this week!!! ok wel teknikly tucker got us both arrested by driving reklessly and steeling a traffik cops donuts but stil flat tony wuz with us!!! ok bye
    Oh Dennis what a caper! I can’t believe the trouble you guys are getting into!!! So you think Flat Tony could be the ring leader? I couldn’t believe when I saw you got pulled over by the police yikes!

  8. who is Gary 😉 he’s such a slacker!

    well a big coon ripped up my screened in deck to get to 1 bag of garbage..don’t know what he smelled in it he didn’t smell in the 2 cans down outside the deck. But he tore up screen to get to it. So yesterday was spent replacing screen on the deck and cleaning up any traces of garbage.

    I’m in a funk right now. Seems like all I want to do is farm and that’s even getting boring 😦 I have got to find a job not just because of the money but because I can feel the depression kicking in again.

    btw…you have a little package that will arrive in probably a little less than a week 🙂

    I guess Gary and Family are going to camp for another month. Man that sounds like fun, I think it takes awhile when your camping to actually get in the grove and feel really relaxed.

    Yesterday the reality of looking for more work hit me. Gardening ie Farming is just not enough money. So I’m back to the drawing board. I wish I could start my own business, Navar did put in a mowing lawns ad we got 1 call. So maybe I could do a little of that. I know the whole looking for work really sucks. I hate it. sigh.

    Hey did I hear package? Package Hhhmm;+).Thanks

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