Junk Food Survey


First off let me say junk food is bad, very, very, bad. OK, now that I’ve said that, let me say sometimes just every once in awhile I may partake in this fine fare. The other day on TV, I believe it was one of the morning shows. They were talking about the Zagot Junk food survey.  Subway placed 1st not a big surprise good value pretty good sandwich for on the run.  I was surprised that Wendy’s  placed  second behind In and Out Burger, for Best Burger . Second place for  Best Burger really? Really. When I don’t have a lot of time and money, sometimes I might pick up a snack wrap it’s fried chicken with ranch it’s under 2 bucks at McDonald’s. I know the grilled snack wrap would be a better choice but I figure I’m in the McDonald’s line better choices stopped when I decided to eat junk food.   We also have a frugal burger joint, I like the grilled chicken sandwich with mushrooms and cheese.   Now I’m getting hungry.

So my question is when your in a hurry and looking for low cost junk food snack or meal what might you go for and what restaurant? Is Wendy’s really the people choice on junk food?


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  1. I tend to stay away from fast food. Unless we are just grabbing fries or something.

    Know too many horror stories about what goes on in those closed quarters at fast food. 😦

  2. I think Wendy’s hamburgers are dull and taste-free. I NEVER would choose to eat a Wendy’s burger. We don’t have In & Out burgers here.

    I would go to Burger King or Taco Bell. You know, either the Freaky King or dog food grade beef tacos. How could you go wrong with either choice?

    I go to McDonald’s for iced coffee or ice cream.
    Subway if I want a Seafood sub.

  3. There are no fast food joints on the island. Before we moved here I would always try to find a Subway because they have low point subs. If not I would look for McDonalds because they have a low point Asian salad.

    The cheapest place here in town is a sandwich shop in town but it is far from fast. The wasband was just saying today how slow they are. Most sandwich shops here sell sandwiches for about $8 to $10. That’s why I always make sandwiches if we know we are going to be out and hungry.

  4. This depends on whether I’m going through the drive through and eating while driving. In that case, McDonald’s. I love Taco Bell though. It’s my favorite. We eat Subway once a week usually on golf night. I can’t stand Wendy’s personally. I love White Castle but there aren’t any near us now.

  5. I also do kids meals if I want fast food because of portion control. A lot of the fast food places have good salads too. But I often want the junk. BTW- I have something on my blog for you.

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