The Cherry Pie Award Thanks Doraz!

The Cherry Pie award 0r (Make My Heart Smile) award.

The Cherry Pie award 0r (Make My Heart Smile) award.

Thank You Doraz for passing of this Cute as a bug Award to me! I sure appreciate it!!! Check out Luisa’s Blog Believe in yourself Thanks Lusia for making me Laugh and Ponder two of my favorite activities. Thank You also for all your wonderful support for my Blogging! Check out her first post today, had me laughing with my first cup of coffee. I know I’m suppose to pass this Award around, but  to be honest I’m not sure who has received it and who has not. So anyone on my Blogg roll who has not received it and would like the cute as a bug award please help yourself. Thanks again Luisa!


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  1. Starla, you have come a long way with your blogging…and I love it! You deserve lots of happiness and fun in your life. Navar, too!
    Thanks Doraz, remember when my Blog was green and I use to wear bell Bottoms? Those where the days LOL it was hard letting those bell bottoms go. I thought they were kinda cool. No more low riders for me, my butt was showing anyway, and with granny panties it’s just not a good look. LOL

  2. If you’re going to give a blog award, then you can’t go wrong with an award involving cherry (or any other fruit filling) pie.

    Congratulations, Starla’s chat!

    Hey Nelia if you don’t have this Pie Award Please take it sounds like you Love Pie as much as I do! It’s hard for me to keep track on who has what Award.

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