Coffee and Starla’s Chat.


Friday the week has gone so fast at times and so slow at other times is that possible?  I suppose anything is possible. Looking at the weekend,  ramping  up on the old TO DO list,  looking out the window seeing the really long grass in the front yard.  That should be one of the first things to tackle.   Amazing how fast the grass grows this time of year.  Oh Blogger gossip update. The problem with gossip is it usually turns out to be wrong, or life changes making the information old news. You probably know this anyway,  but Gary and Family are staying longer till July 9th camping.   How wonderful to be able to take the family camping for a nice hopefully relaxing camping trip.  Hope they are all having a wonderful time.   It certainly beats shoveling snow!  I’m thinking about looking for more work, one of my favorite past times.  It sure would be nice to have something year round that I could count on.In todays economy maybe count on is the wrong words.   Navars starting to feel the pressures of school a bit the algebra class and all the home work is a bit rough.  I think if one thing we have learned this year with so many unexpected changes and difficulties, is to try each day to monitor our stress and if it gets  to out of control to nip it in the bud.   A little time out or better nutrition or exercise.  I’m about due  for another exercise post, I seem to keep forgetting to exercise.   Anyway it does seem  to help taking step to de stress instead of letting  stress go wildly out of control for too long.   Anyway that’s my chat and I’m sticking to it, unless I change my mind and then I’ll tweet something different!   What’s  going on is your world?   Are you going any where, a little trip?    Do you have a crazy long Todo list?   Or, have you won the loto?   Boy, that would be helpful, not going to hold by breath on that one.


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  1. We aren’t planning any trips. At least for right now. We like to go up the the north shore of Lake Superior in the fall. We’ve got to dogs that we can’t leave so it’s really hard for us to get away. We haven’t gone up there since we “got” the latest dog but I do plan to go this fall one way or the other. This dog is very odd and is afraid of everything so we can’t take her anywhere with us. I’m getting very tired of being tied down to dogs at this stage of my life. Our lab will have to go one day soon and we’ll have to do what we think best with the other one. It’s a very hard decision.

    We have nothing but yard work for the weekend. But we both enjoy doing it when we aren’t alone. It gets kind of lonely doing it by yourself but we spur each other on. I think we are also going out for supper and maybe a boat ride tonight if the rain hold off.

    Hope you’re having a great day. Cheers to Navar.

  2. I’m at work Saturday and may do a bit of shopping Sunday. Have to mow lawn sometime in there and of course do some cooking. I’m getting bored just typing this. Have a good weekend. Do something fun.

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