Finally, I have learned to spell the word exercise.   I have typed it enough times for it to hopefully take root in my pea brain.  That was a tough one,  reminds me of the word lettuce in the 6th grade, it was my tormentor.  Over and over I sang the le…tt…uce song.  And to this day I am confident,  hopefully exercise will be the same the red line is gone!  It’s time for a celebration!  What? Do a little exercise to celebrate mm naa I’m good.  The idea to exercise has frankly not even crossed my mind in  awhile  maybe because the Gardening/Farming in my mind counts as grueling body punishment.  But now I am considering the idea of thinking about the said word.   Accountability, that’s not the word I was thinking of but I guess it will do.  I would say usually, If I blurt out something I plan to do, I do my best to be accountable and have some sort of follow through.  One thing I have learned over the years careful what you blurt!  So I am blurting out today. I WILL  exercise today,  at least something, and more then a slow walk to the mail box.  So how’s your exercise program going?  Are you doing well?  Are on a program of some sort or are you like me and just plumb forgot.  I guess I will go do my thing and get “it” out of the way! Happy Saturday!


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  1. My exercise program consists mostly of going to the local Fred Astaire studio every night. And using the BowFlex when I get a chance. Oh, and occasionally carrying heavy things around the house …

  2. Hahahaha!! You already know I gave it all up. I’m pathetic but excell at it. I’ve been busy though and am hoping all the activity is making up for lack of real exercise.

  3. I wish I had more motivation. I lost a whole bunch of weight once and had a good plan going but I don’t know where it went. Good luck to you though.

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