Exercise update.


After yesterdays post on exercise my first thoughts were:  “Oh nice post cup cake you just threw me under the  bus  with that post! What’s  with that whole  accountability thing? What was I thinking?”

My next thought was:  “No problem just delete the post, make it go by by, nobody will be any the wiser.”  Then I realized, a little forced exercise may at least get me to get a day in and maybe start the ball rolling.   I realize with exercise as with many things the guilt from the past of not doing, can tamper the energy to do for the  future.   So letting go of the  past, and starting new.

Sitting in my recliner,  going  over my choices:  a little bike ride, the step I bought at the salvation army for 5 bucks (I knew I was in trouble when I didn’t want to carry it around the store and asked Navar to step in to my rescue.),  Or I could use the spin cycle, we also bought that day for 20 bucks, sitting so patiently on the porch.  I thought if it sat outside, the desire to drape clothes over it would be squelched.  My choice was to take the spin cycle for a little ride.  I put on a headset with some up beat music, that really did help, and away I went shortly into it, I thought the road bike would have been a better choice, because at least there is some down hill coasting time.  But peddle I did, towards the end of my uphill climb, the thought that when your out of shape the endorphin benefit is potentially high,  this kept me peddling  for a few more minutes.   So yes,  I did follow through yesterday, and  no I will not throw myself under the bus today.  Today  is a new day and there are  more endorphins to be had, so we’ll see.  I once heard that a lot of people don’t like  to  exercise,  and if you actually wait for the feeling of wanting to exercise to overtake you, that may not  happen. Unfortunately, Ive read a lot of things about how good exercise is for your health.  It’s a pity really.   Eating more blueberry’s would be easier to better my health.

Thoughts on the subject.



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  1. I think exercise is over rated but then look who you’re asking! I also think people stress out if they’ve missed exercising for a few days. Exercise isn’t going anywhere. If you miss a few days or even weeks it’s not like you can’t just begin again! I feel relaxation is as important as exercise but then again, it’s me saying it! After work, making dinner, doing the washing up and what ever else needs done on any given day, I love to sit down and put my feet up and just relax. (read a book, watch a film, etc.) Life is too short to worry whether or not I’ve done actual organized exercise or not.

    Now, aren’t you glad you asked? Well you did though!

  2. Like I said before, it’s the motivation. I can’t seem to make myself start. That’s my trouble but at least you did. You did it so keep doing it. Once you get into a routine, that’s the hardest step.

  3. I ride my bike 5km to & from work every day rather than drive so exercising seems to have a purpose that way, but I’m not a big fan of exercising just for the sake of it.

  4. u got that spin cycle for $20??? R U SERIOUS???
    Oh dude I would so totally be on that thing all the time 😦
    I need to start hitting the thrift stores again or something. I want one of those!

    Hey Javajunkee, I thought it was a really good deal too. Why pay retail for exercise equipment I think it’s one of those things that people buy but don’t keep long. LOL

    Hey Javajunkee Navar brought me home a package last night!!! I was so incredibly surprised~!!! That was so cool, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting that together. I will take a picture of my new friend and post it tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know that was the nicest thing anyone’s done for me in a really long time. I actually fell asleep with a smile on my face and actually woke up and it was still there! I’m so Happy to have my own buddy!!! I was whistling the song from courtship of Eddy’s Father song. You guys are such good friends and such good hearted people I sure appreciate that!!!

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