Buck in velvet Eyeing our Garden

Buck in velvet Eyeing our Garden

Buck in velvet Eyeing our Garden

A blurry photo I took this evening through the window at a buck looking at the Garden. I wonder what he’s thinking? Hhmm Swiss chard, and delicate spinach greens and oooh oooh look cabbage and peas my favorite. Maybe I should wait just a little longer till things are just about ready to pick!


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  1. I hate them even if they are beautiful! They ravage my yard. My yews look like a pack of starved woodchucks crawled in them and gnawed them bare! That’s not to mention what they did to my roses and hostas!!

    That IS gorgeous picture though. Nice shot!

  2. Wow! Look at the rack on that guy. He’s gorgeous. I feed deer but I have a lot of land and they never come into my immediate yard to eat or I wouldn’t. They can cause severe damage to things. He’s gorgeous and you have a terrific eye.

  3. Yes I agree with Era, definitely all you can eat veggie buffet. You Americans have all the cute animals like deer & squirrels & gophers & squirrels & woodchucks & squirrels & racoons & squirrels & beavers & squirrels etc etc etc… It’s not fair!!!

    Oh I forgot to mention squirrels they are the cutest things on the planet, I wish we had them here

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