One Man Pontoon Boat

One Man Pontoon Boat

One Man Pontoon Boat

As we were driving by on the way home,  we could see  some Summer rafters enjoying the River. Looks like fun. Have you ever been river rafting before?  I have never been, I have been tubing down this river and there are some really fast parts learning what they mean by the saying go with the flow.   When your  holding on to an inner tube in a really fast river it’s a bit hard to steer.


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  1. My biggest ever adrenaline-rush adventure was when I went white-water rafting a few years ago. I went with some friends to Maine and we rafted down the Kennebeck River. It’s got level 4 rapids with one or two level 5s! I did it twice!

    I have to say everyone should experience that at least once!! It was a WOW!!!

  2. I’ve also tubed down rivers but no, have never rafted. I would do it in a second though if I could. It looks really fun to me and I’m always up for anything that has to do with water. Off topic but have you ever seen “The River” withe Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon? It’s an excellent movie.

  3. Never been rafting. Been tubing and canoing many times back in New York though. On one memorable occasion we got our canoe stuck sideways on a rock in some rapids and ended up capsizing into the freezing cold water of a river up near the Canadian border. Ah, good times …

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