The Box.


How addicted am I? Are you addicted to TV? Just wondering. For some reason I just don’t want to get the Box. I’m not really sure why. I know, I know it makes no sense but I never said I made sense. We use to have about 3 channels so I thought what if we lose the 3 channels big deal we will eventually get over it and maybe it would be a good thing. More time to do other stuff like Navar could do more homework. By the way he was getting A’s today so all the hard work so far is paying off. Way to go Navar! Where was I? Oh ya the idiot Box. I grew up watching the boob tube, I could probably name that tune on too many TV shows as is it would probably be pretty embarrassing. But oh well isn’t it the American way to be addicted to the TV or not. So I’m still weighing my options, I may cave I’m not sure. I’m on the fence, now would be a good time to give it up. They took my last channel tonight of course I was planning to watch something that I was looking forward to seeing. So when the black screen took over I felt a bit dazed Navar came home and I was just staring at the screen. He laughed and said “How long have you been doing that?” I said “You don’t want to know.” (I was thinking they might have a change of heart and it would magically come back on no such luck.

My question is Do you think you are addicted to the TV and how long could you go with out it. And would it be hard for you at first not being able to watch the local news and your favorite shows? If you have the box hooked up hows it working for you?


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  1. Now we have one channel this morning. So I guess I won’t have to give it up cold turkey today. Taper off the one channel and then Voila, DVD’s and Internet. Could happen.

  2. I will admit it…I like my TV! I like watching my local news in the morning with my coffee and I like to watch it at night while I try to go to sleep.
    I would have issues if it all just went away!

  3. I’m not by any means addicted to the TV. Many other things but not that. I like “shows” but if there is nothing on that I want to watch, it’s not on. Now my husband on the other hand is terrible. Not only does he have to have it on, he’ll turn it on every single time he enters a room or the house. Even if he’s going back outside or is going to sit on the computer. It’s ALWAYS on when he’s home and it drives me nuts. He will turn it on and then turn it on a 1976 football game or an old John Wayne movie and fall asleep holding the remote so I turn it off on the TV itself. It’s a terrible habit for me because I hate it so much.

    We do have a satellite dish. Living where we do, it’s the only way we can watch any TV. We lived out here for 2 years with one channel full of snow and lines and I like it enough to not be able to watch it like that. We couldn’t afford it when we were younger but we can now so I wouldn’t consider giving it up at this point.

    I like The View, the news at noon, Bold and Beautiful and then it goes off for the day. Now that we’re into reruns, I could not turn it back on until the 10 pm news. But like I say, I like only certain things and it wouldn’t occur to me to flip through the channels. I feel bad for you guys. This was a stupid thing to do in my opinion. It seems the little guy is always the one paying the price.

  4. I really don’t watch TV that much. Granted I am on the computer 23 hours a day but not much TV. I do have my weak spots though. I love the food and travel shows and, of course, ghost shows.

  5. U know how I feel about this whole’s documented on my blog. It’s a conspiracy of bullshit! A conspiracy that they are trying to force me to comply with and I say HELL NO! They can shove that little box and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. No we will not buy into direct tv with their little 2 year contract…no we will not pay $18 for basic with several sports channels and a variety of channels that are not in english and then add $50 a month on top of the $18 for channels I might remotely be interested in. NO! I’m not having any part of it. I pay good money a month for high speed internet and that is where I can catch up on the news…almost any show you want to watch you can track down…maybe not as it airs but by the next day you can be sitting at your puter watching it.

    I’m done 🙂

  6. We watch next to no TV these days … I even canceled our NetFlix because the last movie sat unwatched for six weeks. I blame agility, flyball, the Internet, and the Fred Astaire studio up the street.

  7. (BTW the only reason we don’t cancel cable is that then they would jack up our high speed Internet rate so high it would be like we still had cable! We could get other Internet service, like DSL, but we love us our Cox HSI …)

  8. I really do enjoy TV. I have learned that when it’s not around I can certainly do without it. Since I’ve started blogging I hardly ever watch daytime TV and I really don’t miss it. In the evening, however, I want to watch TV.

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