Strawberries soon.


Do you make smoothies or green drinks or protein drinks?   Whats you beverage of choice and I’m not talking coffee or beer lol. If you were to make a smoothie what would you put in it?  My first thought is ice cream, oh boy OK maybe a better choice yogurt. I saw a great video over at

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  1. If I have to leave out coffee and beer, there’s only 1 can of cherry pepsi a day. I hate water and don’t really drink anything but coffee during the day, 1 can of pop late afternoon/early evening and a few beers in the evening while we play Wii bowling and watch the news.

    Ive been hearing a lot about cherry Pepsi lately. I’m going to have to give that a try some time. I’m such a hot coffee person even in the Summer I drink hot coffee. I know that’s probably strange but I just love coffee.

  2. I use unfiltered apple juice, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and a scoop of protein powder or some fiber~~~~ yummy for me! 🙂 I live off of smoothies . I love them!

    No ice cream? Just kidding. Actually that sounds really good! I think this Summer I may try to make some smoothies. Seems like a good idea on how to increasing a persons fruit intake. You know the big thing lots of servings of fruits and vegetables. That may be just the way to up the anty.

  3. Oh, you need to talk to my daughter Birdpress! She’s like the green smoothee queen!

    Trisha I didn’t know birdpress is your daughter! That’s great! I just found her blog recently. I actually watched a video on her blog about green smoothies. It got me to thinking, I haven’t tried it but I am thinking about it. I like the fact the lady on the video and also your daughter said the green smoothies gave them a lots of energy. I may have to get a more powerful blender. Some times my coffee just doesn’t work like it should, so I’m looking for other ideas.

  4. Hey, I’m so glad to see someone else getting into the green smoothie thing! Have you tried it yet? I use either spinach or kale for the greens, but I really prefer the taste of spinach because it is milder. Kale is supposed to be so good for you though, so I still use that. I try to alternate every day. And yes, I have still been making one every day! And it does give me energy, and also fills me up. I like to make it thick; sometimes I have to eat them with a spoon like green ice cream. Frozen spinach will do that, or adding a lot of ice. Just blend everything well first before adding the frozen stuff so that it will be cold. I keep meaning to buy frozen berries to make it more ice-cream-like.

    Fruits that I’ve found will help mask that taste of the greens the best are green apples, oranges and strawberries. I add other fruit too, but I think those are stronger tasting ones or something. And I always use a banana because I think it gives it a nice texture. Oh, and sometimes I put in like half of the orange peel too. (Scrub it well first!) The citrus rind makes it very citrus-y and the white stuff seems to make it creamier.

    I have yet to try a green smoothie. It’s funny I’m slow to try new things. For some reason I mull things over and hem and haw a bit. In fact we have some fresh spinach in our garden that needs to be cut in the next few days so it would be a good time to try a green smoothie. I’m glad you had the video on your blog it inspired me to think about trying it. And now with all your great suggestion I’m definitely going to try a green smoothie! I think it’s a great way to get lots of servings of fruits and vegetables at once. I like that and I like the idea that it could give me more energy. Always a good thing. I will let you know what we think. Thank you so much for all the really good ideas. And also glad you came over to my blog nice that you are the daughter of Trisha. Do you mind if I post a link on this post over to your blog so people can see what we are talking about? Maybe someone else will be inspired to go green! It’s good timing for us my husband just started going back to school to be a teacher. He will also be in a race soon, kayaking and canoeing, so eating healthy for us right now is important! Thanks Again birdpress.

  5. I make fruit smoothies using only juice, berries, and ice. Barely any calories, tons of nutrition and refreshing. A no-guilt treat.

    I like the idea of a guilt free treat! We have a few raspberries growing in our yard this year. Our neighbors have a big patch right by the fence in the last couple of years the new runners have come over to our side. That was an easy way of getting raspberry plants. I thanked the neighbors the other day they just laughed. Barely, that’s a good idea, I’ll have to try that Ive heard it’s really good for you.

  6. Of course I don’t mind if you link to me. 🙂

    I bookmarked your blog after you first made a comment on mine so I have been reading (lurking) but hadn’t responded yet, so I figured this was a good time to say hello, since my name came up and all. 😉
    Oh good I will make a link tomorrow and we can pass this on. I’m so glad to “See” you ;+) LOL I love the word lurking it’s such a great word! By the way I’m going to cut the spinach from the garden tonight I think I might freeze it so it will blend better. Ive even got Navar excited about trying a green smoothie!;+)

  7. Extremely ripe bananas, milk, and a touch of honey make great smoothies. The bananas are naturally sweet and you don’t even really need the honey. I just like the taste. When my dad was sick juicing was recommended. I don’t like carrot juice, but when you juice two large carrots with half a red apple and half a green apple – it’s delicious!

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