The BBQ song. (If your a vergetarin move along nothing to see here.)


Question…What is your favorite Meat to BBQ? Or Maybe a vegetable BBQ could happen. I am on a quest to learn to BBQ this Summer. Funny how life is a few days ago I was invited to a BBQ at my neighbors house. Her husband was away on business he is the master BBqer of the house. So the three of us none of us really master BBQers. Navar seem to know more then he lets on. Hhmm holding out on a BBQ talent? Anyway the three of us approached the BBQ and took turns. I found myself circling the grill with spatula in hand my neighbor had made hamburger patties with a wrap around of bacon. Bacon is a once in a blue moon treat and I think can add great flavor to anything. The burgers really turned out good this way. So my first BBQ trail went well, with a little help from my friends. Soon before Summer ends I’ll try a solo BBQ!


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  1. I find a lot of meat at Costco that is already set to go and enjoy on the BBQ! I get it for my family. They love it! It actually smells pretty good. I hope you get into the BBQ mode. I love it! 🙂

  2. This is hard to answer. I love chicken on our grill’s rotisserie. If I could only pick one meat it would be steak. I won’t eat it any other way. I can’t even imagine not having steak from the grill. Burgers are good too but there are more ways to make them. Ya, it’s got to be steak.

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