What a beautiful Morning!


Took the camera outside for a quick shot of the strawberries and then walked a little ways thinking I saw   a group of Lupines down the way.  My memory did not serve me well, the case of the missing Lupines. I’m thinking it’s probably a good time soon to go for that little hike Ive been talking about.  I wanted to wait a little bit to make sure   there would be plenty of wild flowers.  Also bear grass, which is pretty cool to see in the wild, a big yellow pom pom looking flower.   Also another nice place to go the Swan Range makes for a nice drive I may have to plan that too.   Also a nice place to go is the Cedar Forrest it’s small but smells really good and it’s a nice place to go in the heat of the Summer, nice and cool.   Buddies or no buddies getting out of the house, Yippee!
Question… Where are your favorite places to go as far as pretty goes? Or a place that has a particularly  good feeling to it.  I think spending a little time in nature helps keep me sane.


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  1. Re a little time in nature : I couldn’t agree more. Living in Colorado, there’s plenty of opportunities to access nature. But I’m also a city chick. I love to walk the urban streets, day and night. In nature, I access honesty. In the city, I access potential.

  2. I loved what you described. That would be my favorite kind of nature watching. I love nice quiet places where I can hear the birds sing and hear the tree’s squeaking to the sway of the breeze. I can love sitting on my deck listening to all the sounds nature makes.

  3. I LOVE going to my mountain house . There are so many little critters running around there. I just sit on my porch chair, coffee in hand…and watch. I also go sit on that stump I showed you all on a post I did on my blog. I love to feed the critters that are not scared of me and eat out of my hand! The Best~~~ 🙂

  4. Stand and deliver your Lupines! (Monty Python Dennis Moore sketch)

    My own back yard or Hocking Hills State Park in Southern Ohio.

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