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It’s that time again where we just like to chat it up. News that’s fresh on my mind yesterday I got bit by a spider. The good thing I guess if there is one, is the bite look exactly like how the two spider bites I got last year looked. So I’m not in a complete panic, more annoyed. I probably got bit when I was working at the Farm/Garden but not really sure. Sneaky little bugger. It’s swelling and itching like crazy Ive been putting ice on it, so it should get better hopefully soon. The chicken I made tonight smell amazingly good. I used several spices it’s probably too spicy, but I actually kind of like the extra spice and flavor it tastes yummy. Funny most of my chat is in the current moment. Usually I’m reaching back to the first part of the week or stretching out to an impossible to do list. Speaking of… the huge organization project going through all the box in the storage unit and reorganizing all the stuff was so far just a pipe dream. I did look at the website a little bit on the topic of organizing. These things must be researched first. Basically I closed the door to the spare room and if I have to go in there I try and keep my eyes down so as not to create too many feelings of guilt. So how is your week? Any good news? Any thing to brag about? Anything bugging you pardon the pun. I should do another post on bragging about your animals that was so fun to read your stories about your animals. I sure love my animals they bring me such joy. I wish I could have half the enthusiasm Makwa does when she’s playing Frisbee. She just gets this look like every things right with the world. Must be nice to be a happy dog.


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  1. I’m so sorry you got bit. That’s a drag. It could have happened anywhere. Sadly, even while you were sleeping. They are sneaking buggers.

    Not to much going on today. I’m going to have my oldest grandson here for the night tonight. I take all grandkids for golf lessons on Fri mornings so I’m looking forward to that. I hope I get some good photo’s.

    How was the chicken? I could smell it from here and it smelled yummy 🙂

    Thanks Joy. Last year when I got bit I think it was maybe from a blanket that I had in the closet and put onto the bed as the weather warmed up. They are sneaky. I’ll be glad when it heals up.
    Golf sounds like so much fun I’m glad your taking photos I look forward to seeing them. Did you take the photo that is on your banner right now? I think that it is such a great picture it captures so much feeling. I would frame that one.

  2. Spider bite. Ouch.

    You should find it, fry it up and serve as an appetizer.

    On my end, I’m playing the victim role. I’m having 5 wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow morning, so I’m certain I’ll be whining all weekend.

    Have a fabulous weekend, all!

    Hey Nelia I wish I could find the spider, I would fry it up. it would probably make a fine appetizer! LOL

    I had all my wisdom teeth taken out a few of them were impacted. I was a bit nervous. I was amazed at how well it all went and I healed up really fast, I wish for you the same. You said 5 wisdom teeth do you really have 5 an extra wisdom tooth? Lots of wisdom.LOL I think a little whining would be expected when your getting your teeth pulled. Feel free to come back and whine if you’d like to, comments are open 24/7.:+) I hope it goes really for you. My thoughts and prayers with be with you tomorrow morning.

  3. Nelia, good luck. You will be sleeping, for a bit. My oldest son had his pulled last year! He slept!! He was fine after wards!

    Starla…Things here are about the same as usual. The kids are off this week and doing the college rounds. What I mean is that my second son is checking out colleges in the area he wants to apply to. I want him to transfer to the same school my oldest son goes to. We shall see how it plays out!

    I just plug along. I have a lot of projects due. Being in the business we are in keeps us busy. That is a great thing, right?

    It would be really nice to come by and meet you one day. Who knows, right? Come see me in CA!

    Hope the spider bite gets gone soon!! 🙂

    Hey Doraz I think Busy is basically good as long as you get time to rest sometimes. Sounds like your getting back into the routine of it all. Nice that you can steel away sometimes to the mountains, sounds like heaven. My Mother in Law and Navars sister live in California, Navar is always trying to get me to take a trip there. Who know maybe one day I would surly look you up. I’m sure we could laugh about a few things. It’s not really that far, you know I haven’t seen the ocean for about fifteen years that’s hard for me to imagine I grew up by the beach. Funny how life is, seems like it’s always changing either that or it’s feeling like ground hog day. LOL Oh well lucky that we can have fun in Blogland! Thanks about the spider bite it’s looking pretty good hopefully it wont get as bad as the bit I got last year. Seesh silly spiders.

  4. I don’t think spider bites would suck so much if I didn’t imagine the spider actually biting me. If I had ever actually seen it happen I think it would give me nightmares.

    I think last year when I got bit twice by a spider in the same place I did have a nightmare of a spider crawling up the wall did I mention it was a giant spider? I am glad I didn’t see them bit me. ;+)

  5. Take care of that spider bite. I don’t have much planned this week other than work. I have enjoyed the last three days off, where I did absolutely nothing, but now it is back to reality.

    Spider bites looking pretty good, Thanks I’m just trying not to itch it at this point. Glad you had three days off that’s always nice when you can rest and relax.

  6. Spider bites blow. They itch like crazy! They put mosquito bites to shame! LOL

    We had severe thunderstorms today and lost power at the resort so I came home for the evening. It’s nice to be checking out blogs again. It’s been a while. 😀

    Hey Gary I recognize that face aren’t you a cubs fan? LOL Ya, the spider bite is very, very, itching I’m trying my best not to itch it much your right they itch way more than mosquito bites! Glad you get a chance to do a little Blogging.
    Loosing power is no fun our worlds pretty much stop when the power goes out.

  7. Starla made the mistake of welcoming me back to do some whining and I’m only too eager to take her up on her offer!

    All in, I had six wisdom teeth. All of ’em removed. Meaning I don’t have a lick of wisdom remaining. No more cute and clever posts. No more dazzling insights. No more unique and compelling portraits of the toffee chocolate cookie I adore.

    Thus far, it’s been just fine. Especially since Hank is doing a pretty good job of spoiling me (even though he’s ruled that by beloved cookie is off limits).

    But I understand it’s Day 2 that’s the killer…
    Hey Nelia! You made it good job! Wisdom teeth just one of those things in life, you’ll hardly miss them. LOL Glad your doing well so far. Cookies unfortunate off limits for just a little while just soft mushy food. But before you know it you’ll be crunching your favorite cookies. Feel free to come back with updates wow 6 wisdom teeth that’s amazing! Hopefully day two will be OK. just do what the doctor suggest, let Hank keep on spoiling you and enjoy the R and R.

  8. Spider bite? Eek! Around here that could mean black widow but I guess you don’t have those there?

    No, not so much black widow being a problem here, I think we have those here. Brown recluse spiders are the big concern here little brown spiders. Last year when I got bit I surfed the internet for information. Never do that if you are bit by a spider because when you are finished surfing you can be a complete basket case after they scare the heck out of a you. Sheesh.

  9. Day 2. And I’m just fine. I’ve had to fake a bit of pain here and there to maintain my spoiled circumstance. Not nearly as traumatic as I had imagined. Hopefully giving birth travels that same path.

    Giving credit where credit is due. Starla, I mentioned some time ago that I adored this Thursday free chat. So I did what any adoring fan would do. Stole it. I hope you find our efforts a worthy compliment of and to your own.

    Hey Nelia, Wonderful, Wonderful, and Wonderful!!! I’m so glad to hear your doing well. I was really hoping it would go like it did when my wisdom teeth were pulled. I was so apprehensive and really did not want to get it done. But unfortunately it’s just one of those things that most people have to get done. I hope it continues to be smooth sailing. Nice to get the extra spoiling can’t blame you for milkin a little bit.;+) I’m glad you like the Free Chat idea, I really do like to hear what people are up to in general with their lives and am looking forward to seeing it on your blog! Thanks for the compliment.;+)

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