Kitty Litter Cake.


Kitty Litter Cake

I know this is pretty disgusting;  however here  is a recipe for kitty litter cake it looks just like Kitty litter, but it’s actually cake.  I don’t know if I would  ever make this cake  or ever eat a piece of kitty litter cake, but I thought it was funny in kind of a gross sort of way. There actually is maybe one friend, maybe  that has a pretty funny sense of humor.  I’d like to see the expression on his face when we showed up with the birthday cake and of course we would have to eat a piece .  The article said that adults have a hard time getting over the fact that the cake  looks like kitty litter.  I’d say that’s probably pretty accurate.

Would you or wouldn’t you eat or make this cake?  Just wondering.


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  1. Ummm… My previous comment was before I realised there was a link to look at it. Now I’ve seen it complete with pussy poo I think I will pass

  2. I have to say first that I don’t eat sweets and therefore, never eat cake. Let me also state that I have 5, yes, 5 cats so there is no way in hell that I would make or eat this cake. It just looks to real for me. It would be really funny for a “drunken” party though. It’s hilarious and a drunk will eat just about anything.

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