Sunrise Challenge photos.


Thanks Tim that was a good challenge.   Navar makwa and I are grateful to get an early start to the day.   At first we sat at a picnic  table  waiting  for the sun to peek from behind the mountains.  You could hear the crowing of a rooster in the distance which I thought was perfect,  cue the rooster.  We waited and waited after realizing the news mans time of the sunrise did not include a giant mountain, we got up and walked around a bit.  We found the missing lupins and the 5th photo is of some tiny fawn prints  in the mud I wish you could see how tiny they were about the size of a ladies thumb nail.  I have yet to see a fawn this Spring usually you can see twins with their mom at some point.   So all and all the Sunrise Challenge was really fun,  once I got over the being awake early part, now I’m ready for a grand slam breakfast at Denny’s isn’t that what you do when you up this early?  Actually, I had breakfast hours ago is it too early to be thinking about lunch?


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  1. Really beautiful!

    Ah kitty! Where did S.Le go.;+). I knew you would change the picture. But that’s OK the kitty is very cute. Keep changing it and it will be like I have different people commenting! LOL

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