A Big Thank You!!!


A little while back I posted a picture of sad flat Betty, missing her buddies just laying there flat on the dash. Betty now has a friend Swirly the Snail and has perked up and sitting up right again on the dash riding around taking in the sights. I received a box in the mail the other day from my good friend Javajunkee and in the box about blew my socks off; was so much sweetness and thoughtfulness from Javajunkee, Joy, Joan, Gary, and Java Queen. When we did the Buddy exchange awhile back I was the only one out of the people who were participating that did not send out a buddy for an Adventure. Long story short, I was afraid I might screw things up, so I said send them here and I’ll host them and tour them around. The other day it got to be my turn I was sent my very own little buddy, Swirly The Snail, she is a really cute little pink snail. She came with a passport showing where she had been and a cute little pink diary where everyone wrote about the Adventures that Swirly had while visiting each blogger. To be honest it’s taken me a few days to write about this because I was so surprised and really, really, touched. I am so appreciative that these bloggers took the time to do this for me. I read the diary out loud to Navar and we both just could not believe how cool and special this was; thank you guys from the bottom of my heart! Also there were little gifts in the box thank you again. Ive been busy taking pictures of Swirly having fun see the slide show. You guys are the Best!


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  1. ahhh you are the sweet one 🙂 Has been such a heart warmer getting to know you. Swirly looks like she took right to Montana and once again you blow me away with the awesome video…the parts where she’s in the book cracks me up 🙂 I do have lots of pictures to put up about Swirly’s adventures while she was on the road. I promise to take time away from my blahness to post them really really soon 🙂

  2. I’m been so excited for this. It was very hard to keep it quiet! I’m not very good at it. I was so hoping you’d love her and know you are a good friends to us. I had a blast doing this and loved doing it special just for you and Navar. I also loved her in that book. You are great at this and I hope if/when we do it again, you’ll join in because you guys ROCK at it.

    PS….her getting that ice cream is great.

  3. This was fun and I am glad Gary and I got to join in this fun adventure. It has been great getting to know all of you guys.

    Hey Paula Thank You so much for being involved with the Swirly Buddy Adventure! Little Buddy Adventures are fun the Cubs ball is cute and the story was also really cute Thanks!

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