This is one my dog friends Zoe she so cute.  I actually have a few animal friends around town that I like to pop in and see.  I usually ask them ” So whats the doggy news?”   Zeus,  her mate is  also a schnauzer he’s  adorable too.   I also like to visit, Three  golden labs, at the place where we buy our cat food. I don’t know their  names but funny with dogs they don’t seem to hold that against you.  They  just come over with a huge  How are you? Ive missed you! And I’m so Happy to see You!  As I reach down to pet heads I notice right away that one of the dogs,  the middle aged one with a missing eye, my favorite, somethings not right.  I notice as I’m scratching his head  his coats ruff as I pet slowly down his back, telling him” I think he is such a wonderful dog.”   I stand back for a moment, and I’m thinking whats going on your losing weight.  As I’m processing my thoughts the owner steps up and I ask “He  looks like he’s lost some weight?  “He says  “Yes he has a liver problem and he’s on medication.” I realize at that moment that some day the enthusiastic bounding dogs  of three could some day be down to two.   Some times they all come out of the shop to check to see if Makwa is in the car.  I think they recognize our car as Oh that’s the Hot Blond Makwa’s ride.  She sure can create a stir with the boy dogs.  I don’t know what it is,  maybe it’s her aloofness.   One of these days maybe I’ll post more  more pictures  of my furry friends. Also a shout out to my dog blog friends and cat blog friends you know who you are!

Do you have any special animal friends you like to see,  on your wonderings,  when you are out and about?


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  1. You know, I don’t. I don’t go anywhere like this where there are animals just wandering around. I live in the country and most people have dogs around but I’m afraid of a lot of them. Farm dogs are protective and I can be honest here, I’m sometimes scared to get out of my car.

    Oh boy, I’m right there with you on dogs protecting their homes, that’s a whole different story. Ive thought about jobs like postal or delivering jobs but the idea of walking into a strangers yard with a barking dog,yikes! I don’t like that at all, keeps me from applying for a few different jobs.

  2. There isn’t many animals that I see out and about but my two dogs at home are the loves of my life. I can’t get enough of them. Right now as I type this they are both curled up leaning against me. I love them so much.
    I was just feeling bad commenting to much on your exercise post sorry about that! But I’m going to hold to my part of the bargain. I was just looking for my shoes so I can go exercise before I put it off till the evening! Sigh LOL

    OK Eric I did my part of the deal. That was a long eight minutes! Now it’s your turn!

  3. OH, look at that face! So precious. So adorable! So sweet looking. I wish I had little critters around town I could go say hi to. I love going to the pet shop to get my birds food, cause I play with all of their animals! They let me, since I buy a lot of stuff! LOL 🙂 Thanks you for sharing your little friend with us!

    Thanks Doraz she is a real sweet heart too. She recently well a little while back had 4 little puppies they were so cute! Just as cute as she is, she really does have one of the sweetest personalities I love visiting her and of course her people are nice to visit with too.

  4. Ha ha, let’s see… Nope, I don’t go anywhere where I see dogs, but they come to visit me every day. 😉

    LOL I bet you get attached to your regulars. I know my groomer friend has some dog’s she has groomed for years. I think it would be easy to get attached to their sweet little faces.

  5. hello starla its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay!!!! hay!!!! i am wun of yore dog blog frends rite??? rite??? ha ha ha ha i noo it!!!! ok bye

    LOL Of course Dennis!!! Dennis and the whole furry family!!! ;+)

  6. Alright. I’m not even a dog chick, but you got me on this one. That Zoë is a looker!

    Thanks Nelia, She is pretty cute. Hope your still doing well with the Wisdom teeth situation! Hopefully healing nicely.

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